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The Ultimate List of Affiliate Marketing Blogs

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

πŸ’₯ Published 28 January 2024

The Ultimate List of Affiliate Marketing Blogs

Here is a run down of affiliate marketing blogs you need to keep an eye on. I have been building this list as a good reference source. If you have any suggestions stick them in the comments and I’ll add them to the list in due course.

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The Ultimate List of Affiliate Marketing Blogs – As David asked so nicely I have added him to this list. Affiliate blog run by David McSweeney with info about how he grew his niche affiliate site in 6 months. Worth a read! – This blog follows Aron on his affiliate journey. He publishes his income and expenses reports along with the tools that he uses and the websites that he follows. A good start. – Spencer Haws offers a unique insight into his network of over 200 unique niche websites and his affiliate marketing experiences. Stacked full of income reports, selections of tools, and a big online community. – Josh’s blog starts out after losing it all on an online venture then follows his attempt to rebuild a stable online income while working full-time. A good read with some clean cut design. – This website is created by Tung Tran and explores how to make money as an Amazon affiliate, online entrepreneur and generally just making money online. – Is an blog by Mike who is originally from Maine. Who knew, eh?! Anyway, Mike’s site showcases his experience with tons of income reports, guides and videos. – The award winning blog by Matthew Woodward is a must read for any affiliate marketer. A great selection of tools, detailed income reports, amazing graphics and graphs, and all topped off with its very own forum. No wonder it’s won 4 industry awards already.

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  1. Hey Dougie, thanks for the mention here. I learned that the online marketing world can really be a tough one to break into, but by reading other people blogs and learning and testing methods, one can start making some headway. I’m looking to start making six figures by mid 2015. It’s going to be a fun journey.

    • Hey Josh, no problem at all. You’re spot on, it’s one tough nut to crack, but like you said there is enough tried and tested methodology out there for someone to become a success in a niche. Six figures – good on your lad. That’s a target and a half. If you ever need a guest blogger or a place to guest blog then just give me a shout. All the best Josh! (Send some of that money my way when you’re rich. Lol.)

  2. Affiliate is not easy as many bloggers thought. I agree that if you would like to invest on affiliate marketing, you need to have capital and a clear and feasible plan and stick to it :-)

    • It’s definitely not easy but with the determination, creativity, know-how, and enough money to cover costs, then it is doable. Definitely don’t give up your day job just yet lol. Thanks for posting.

  3. Great list. Looking to expand into affiliate marketing soon as a new revenue stream. Good to see what others have done and where we can learn some good points. Obviously, not stealing anyones affiliate thunder – that’d be harsh.

    Again another great post Dougie!

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