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Affiliate Marketer! 4 affiliate programs you need!

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

πŸ’₯ Published 28 January 2024

Affiliate Marketer! 4 affiliate programs you need!

If you’re a new to affiliate marketing you’ll quickly realise that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. You never know when a company goes bust, withdraws its program, and for you the world will literally end! Well, maybe not that dramatic but you get the point. If you’re an experience affiliate marketer then you’ll already know the polar opposite of having too many programs running will mean on some of your programs it will take you a little too long to get your money over the withdraw threshold.

A happy medium is the best. Here are 4 programs you should be using, if you aren’t then step to it.

Affiliate Window

Affiliate Window is my first love. She was there when I was finding my feet in this notoriously tough and challenging affiliate marketing industry. Even though she has fallen slightly out of favour compared to my new love Skimlinks (see below), she does still pack a tidy punch and has a huge affiliate program database for you to be an affiliate marketer in just about everything. Affiliate Window is my 2nd favourite.

Check out Affiliate Window.


I must confess ShareASale is a bit of a 90’s looking geek. It’s doesn’t have the good looks of Skimlinks below but it still does it’s job, and it does it’s job well. A wide array of programs and a good few exclusive merchants means that ShareASale is a must have in your affiliate arsenal. ShareASale is my third favourite.

Get your teeth into ShareASale.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction. Like ShareASale I think its lacking in the looks departments, but also like ShareASale it has a decent merchant database so you can get your teeth stuck in to some affiliate marketing. Commission Junction comes in at last place of my four affiliate programs, but is still in there and still brings home the bacon so don’t leave her out in the cold.

Make a few pound notes with Commission Junction.


Skimlinks is the newish kid on the block. It is the last on the list and actually is my favourite of all 4 of these programs. Mainly because I’m a digital tool geek and any new ‘free’ shiny tool that helps bring in a few extra pound notes is a good thing in my books. I would thoroughly recommend Skimlinks. Yes, the commission is slightly lower than going direct or via one of the above programs but the usability means that for beginners and old affiliate warhorses alike, it will change your world! Literally. Skimlinks is my favourite affiliate marketing program. So get onboard!

Fall in love with Skimlinks.


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