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Affiliate Window Review

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

💥 Published 28 January 2024

Affiliate Window Review

This is my honest first-hand experience review of Affiliate Window.

Affiliate Marketing

If you are reading this article then you are interested in monetising website content – making money from referring customers to a third-party company via links from reviews, guides, recommendations and leads. Affiliate Marketing is not far off prospecting for gold – many try but only a few actually hit gold. But don’t be taken aback by that. It is those who can identify a niche and provide help within that niche that can make a decent living just through affiliate marketing. Affiliate Window is a great starting block for any future prospector.

Affiliate Window and Us

We have been using Affiliate Window’s affiliate dashboard for the last year. It hasn’t been an easy ride but our company was able to add another revenue stream to its balance sheets. In the past 12 months, we have added about £7000.00 in commission sales (which is somewhere in the region of £583 per month average). Not bad for minimal effort.

Getting Started with Affiliate Window

Joining Affiliate Window costs £5.00 which you get refunded in your first payout. They take this payment to verify your bank details and account. Something which is actually worth doing as it helps to decrease the competition for each affiliate program. If you are serious about affiliate marketing then it is worth putting your hand in your pocket and paying the £5.

From here you need to set-up your account. You must already have a half-decent website with steady traffic to even think about affiliate marketing otherwise you will just be wasting your time. Just plug in your details then you just need to sit back and wait to be verified. This should take around 12-48 hours. In the meantime make sure your main website is up to scratch for the verification check.

The Affiliate Window Dashboard

Probably the best thing about Affiliate Window compared to other affiliate companies is its easy to use dashboard. It is our favourite out of ShareASale, Commission Junction, and LinkShare, and ClickBank. With a well laid out display it makes it a joy to find new affiliate programs to join, view your click rates, and to see how much affiliate commission you have made.

Affiliate Window Affiliate Programs

Once you have been verified don’t worry about signing up to every program under the sun. It is better if you carefully select relative affiliate programs so your potential customers are more likely to click, buy and make your commissions. For this, Affiliate Window have broken down all the affiliate programs in to four categories: Finance & Insurance; Retail & Shopping; Telco’s & Services; and Travel. From our experience working on multiple affiliate campaigns with Affiliate Window your website will fit in to a maximum of two of these four categories. From here you can choose from many sub-categories, regions, product feeds, payments status, and other filter options – giving you the ability to find the affiliate programs right for your website.

From our experience pick a program that has a high Awin Index and a Green Payment status – it will save you many a headache later on.

Using your Affiliate Window Affiliate Tracking code

Once you have signed up for and being accepted on to each individual affiliate program you want then you need to start implementing that program. Make some money essentially. You get given a unique tracking code for each affiliate program with your unique Affiliate Window identifier code. Make sure you link this properly – nothing worse than not being paid because of a dodgy link.

If you can use HTML fairly well then implement the code using HTML. Ensuring that you add nofollow and open in a new window.

Affiliate Window Review Verdict

Affiliate Window Review Verdict: The program isn’t perfect but it does run well. We have had a few hiccups such as cancelled commissions but then that’s swings and roundabouts. Just keep going, trying new things and replicating the things that work well. Affiliate Window is a good piece of kit and will work for you if you create content people want to read and is helpful. Get those elements right then you are on the right track.


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  1. Hi,

    I just read your article, I was wondering if you did get it right.. did you mean £5 or £5000?


    • Hi Mattijah. The £5.00 GBP is right. Well, it was when I signed up. Not sure if or what they charge now. Thanks for posting. :)

  2. Hi, useful review. Affiliate Window keeps coming up on searches. I’m looking for advertising aimed at students, people interested in politics/ current affairs and visiting Great Britain. Quite a niche. should I join lots of networks to be more targeted?

    regards, LizzieHS

    • Hello LizzieHS. Firstly thanks for commenting. I’d say join Affiliate Window and Skimlinks. They would be your best bet for drumming up revenue in those areas. Hope that helps.

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