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Avoid Blah and Bore, Get Your Content Shared

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

💥 Published 28 January 2024

Avoid Blah and Bore, Get Your Content Shared

Whether you are a keen blogger, an avid social media user or are new to the world of digital marketing, you will know just how difficult it can be to increase your outreach. Posts, updates and blogs all gain momentum and popularity through sharing; you write something, someone reads it, they like it, they share it – and voila, the outreach of your content has increased and is quickly doing the rounds. However, is it really that simple? Unfortunately, no.

Why Is Shareable Content Important?

  1. Content is nothing if no one reads it, right? Whatever the content you specialise in, it is important to get it shared.
  2. Shareable content is passed along to friends, families and colleagues and soon people that may never haves stumbled across your website or blog are reading your work.
  3. Shareable content increases the readership and views of your work; more website traffic helps to increase SEO and many readers will subscribe or follow you for further installments.

Content that is shared over and over will be visible by a page count or share count; the higher the share count the more interesting people will assume it is, and will therefore read it.

As you can see, having your content shared is a cycle; the more shared your content is, the more readers you have, the more it is shared, the more readers you have. All of which works to increase SEO, website traffic and sales if you are providing a product or service.

How To Get Your Content Shared

Turning content into shareable content is no easy task; there is a lot to consider, creativity is required and even then there is no guarantee that your content will be shared. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks in the digital marketing world that can help to give your content the best chance of being shared.

How to write:

  1. Write or edit in your own style and try to avoid copying anyone else’s work. The best content is unique and fresh, rewriting old articles or posts and passing them off as your own will not only be very obvious, but it is likely to affect your readership.
  2. Just because it works for another individual or business does not mean it will work for you. Style your content in line with what you are providing.
  3. Have a personal voice and stick to it. If you own a small business or are an individual, people are expecting to hear your personal opinions and want to get to know you.

What to write:

  1. Keep it interesting. Write about things you are genuinely interested in and the passion will come across. As readers, people are looking for interesting and exciting content to share amongst their friends.
  2. Keep it relevant. Ensure you write about things that are relevant to your business, website or blog. If you find it hard to write about the products or services you are providing, at least keep a theme throughout all your content. Frequent readers are likely to visit your website as they like what you write about, changing this could confuse people.
  3. Keep it fresh. There is always something new and exciting to write about so do so. Avoid writing about old news or using dated content; readers head online to find out new information and are unlikely to share content containing old information or things they have already heard before.

When to write:

  1. Write often. Update your website or blog with new content as much as you can, the more content you have the more chances you have or producing a viral piece that is shared many, many times.
  2. Post during the day. Updating and sharing new content in the middle of the night is unlikely to catch the attention of readers. Research peak times for social media use and post accordingly to maximise the chance of having your content shared.
  3. Write when you have the time. Rushed content is likely to contain mistakes and will provide a poor reading experience. Take the time to write well-written content, this will be shared more than rushed or poor quality writing.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why shareable content is so important and a number of ways to give your content the best chance of success. Creating content that is shared is never easy and many people struggle for years before one piece takes the internet by storm; keep creating content that is true to you, interesting and tailored towards your readers. If your website is aimed at teenagers, it is is important to write for them and in a different way than if you were writing for retired homeowners. Avoid boring and outdated content and opt for a new outlook.


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