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Battle of the Christmas TV Ads 2015

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⭐ Updated 14 July 2023

💥 Published 3 December 2015

Battle of the Christmas TV Ads 2015

You have probably guessed it already but I’m one of those people that shouts at the TV when it comes to bad advertising. I thought, I would put aside the TV shouting for a moment, and take a more festive look at Christmas TV Ads in Battle of the Christmas TV Ads 2015.



Let’s start with the big hitter, every single year for 20 years. Holidays are coming, holidays are coming, holidays are coming, something, something, something. Unfortunately, it can’t be a contender as it’s not new for 2015.


John Lewis

John Lewis is the king of Christmas adverts and The Man On The Moon is a tear jerker with the best of them. It’s good but does it have what it takes to take the 2015 Christmas ad crown?



Clever, definitely. Using the hype from John Lewis’ ad for their own purposes means that Aldi are on the ball when it comes to marketing. It’s good but is it a winner?



I have to say that I’m disappointed in this ad. It’s ok, but is definitely not going to cut the mustard and win this year’s Christmas ad crown.



Mog, Mog, oh Mog. This is a great little Christmas cat calamity. In my opinion, it is definitely in the running to be crowned winner of Battle of the Christmas TV Ads 2015.



It’s got Christmas jumpers and a Christmas song, but it’s just a standard advert. Nothing special, no Christmas adventure, no warm fuzzy feeling inside.



The only ‘smile’ moment was the sleep scene. Other than that, again it’s just an advert at Christmas.



It was going ok until it ended with ‘spread the cost’. Proper Christmas message there. That’s sarcasm by the way.



I like the message that it’s about giving and sharing. Especially with your nearest. London could do with a bit of that, so yes, for message I will put this in contention.





House of Fraser

I like the song and the dancing but needs a bit of festive Christmas love.



Because it’d be cool to do those things, it made me smile, but as a Christmas advert. Doesn’t compete.

It’s good. It has a Christmas-y feel, it has a sense of adventure, and does try to bring in that ‘what, does that kid not have a present?’ moment . It’s good but is it a winner. Hmmm.



I didn’t think it would, but it made me smile. I guess the combination of a wise old voice and clips of films I love, just works.



Not even sure what company this is but damn they have hit the nail on the head. It really does have a good message. Family is important and you should always make time. When time runs out, it runs out. So this is definitely in the running.

Note: Edeka is a German supermarket.


Spanish Lottery

This remains me of the old fella in UP! Love that film and love this advert.


The Body Shop

It’s Jingle Bells!



It’s like a chocolatey Christmas Thunderbirds. I like it.


Carphone Warehouse

Merry Christmas you flaming ding-dongs! You’ve got to love Keith Lemon, so this is in with a chance.


Currys PC World

This will make you LOL. Got to love Jeff Goldblum.



It’s ok. Not much to say about it really. It’s just another advert at Christmas to be honest.



Nothing beats that feeling when you’re a kid on a bike. Does it have the Christmas x-factor?



Poor little Peter Pumpernickel. This is nice.


Harvey Nichols

This is me. Even if I love the gift, I will always have Gift Face.



It’s a kid-ult Christmas.


Kwik Fit

I did not expect that. That’s brilliant. The magic of Christmas. Father Christmas is real!



Not really a fan of this. A little bit boring. Least it is Christmas-y and not just an advert at Christmas.



Love the song and we all love a Christmas sing-a-long in the car. Just doesn’t have the wow factor I think.






Good music. Bit boring though. I got the feeling this was going to be good but was a complete let down.


Sky Movies

It’s really well done but again doesn’t have the fuzzy festive feeling.




Runners Up

The Battle of the Christmas TV Ads 2015 runners up are:

Currys PC World
Kwik Fit
Spanish Lottery
Harvey Nichols





The Battle of the Christmas TV Ads 2015 winner is:


It has the right message at Christmas. Go see your family and friends. Live, love and live again.




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