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ClickMechanic Discount Code & ClickMechanic Review

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

💥 Published 28 January 2024

ClickMechanic Discount Code & ClickMechanic Review

I’ve just received a refer-a-friend link which gets you 10% off your first booking at ClickMechanic. It works the same as a ClickMechanic discount code. Just click here or visit

Once you click the link you need to enter your email address to get 10% off. It’s their best introductory offer at the moment so definitely worth bagging if you’re a new customer!

ClickMechanic Review: I seriously would not bother going anywhere else”

I’m not great with cars. Let’s face it, I know how to drive one, but when things go wrong, I am probably the most clueless person out there. That’s why mechanics exist, right? To help you out when things go wrong with your car.

Well, only if it was that simple. I have been ripped off a few times by garages and mechanics. I am intimidated when it comes to bringing my car in and out of my depth as I never know what is wrong with my car. Let me just say that not all garages and mechanics are bad. I have had a couple of good experiences too.

But there is one thing that will never change and that is that I am never in control of the situation.

That brings me on to Click Mechanic. I have now tried them three times. Each time I have felt more in control of the situation that I have ever felt whether I have had a good or bad experience at a garage.

So here are my first-hand experiences of Click Mechanic. I can honestly say that I seriously would not bother going anywhere else so here is my ClickMechanic review.

Oh, and if you are a new customer, don’t forget that you can get 10% off at ClickMechanic when you use the ClickMechanic promotional code. It’s their best (and only) introductory offer so well worth using!

1st Experience of ClickMechanic

The brakes went on my car over the Bank Holiday and couldn’t find a garage that could do for me at such short notice, plus the quote I was given seemed very high.

A friend of mine who has previously used ClickMechanic and was extremely happy with the service recommended I try them.

It was so easy, all I had to do was log onto their website, put in all the details of my car explained what the problem was and when I wanted it repaired then in just one click I was given a quote.

I was happy with the quoted so I entered my details and my bank card details, but no money was taken out of my account until the work was completed. (ClickMechanic didn’t offer any promo codes at this point so I didn’t get to use the ClickMechanic promotional code to get 10% off. But, all new customers can, so don’t forget!)

I was then sent an email and a text message confirming all the details.

The night before I was sent another email and text letting me know what time the mechanic would be arriving the following day.

The mechanic, Lee, telephoned me to say he was on his way and would be about 15 minutes. He turned up promptly, introduced himself then got on with the job.

Lee was very professional, he kept us informed every step of the way and the work done was to a very high standard. Very happy.

Where else would you get your car repaired in such a short space of time without moving out of your own home! Fantastic! No more going out to the garage for me, why bother when there is this service which was a lot cheaper than the price which was quoted by the garage.

After the repair was done I received an email asking me to rate the mechanic and the ClickMechanic service. This helps them ensure their service standards stay high.

Will definitely use again if I need a mechanic. Seriously would not bother going anywhere else from now on.

2nd Experience of ClickMechanic

As I said above I am back to using ClickMechanic again but this time the head gasket blew on my car. Which really sucks, to be honest.

So as usual, I popped onto, entered my car details, entered the problem, selected a time and date, and it gave me a quote.

After confirming the quote and booking. I got an email and text message confirmation.

As usual, I received a text the same day to remind me which is always helpful when you are running around like a mad woman like me.

The mechanic, Sandor, came and diagnosed the problem quickly, had all the parts needs and got the job done. I mean he was out there for a little while but the guy didn’t stop for a break of anything which I thought was really impressive. I did make him a quick cuppa though. Not sure why all tradespeople drink so much tea – anyways that’s off on a tangent.

He fixed the car so yay!

I would definitely recommend ClickMechanic! Twice I have used them and twice the service had been not just great but also comfortable. Personally, the way it works, makes me feel like I have some form of control. As I know nothing about cars (not even sure what a head gasket is, to be honest!) it felt that I wasn’t being taken for a ride (sorry about the pun!).

3rd Experience of ClickMechanic

Ok, so I am starting to feel jinxed when it comes to cars. A couple of weeks ago I was involved in two car accidents in the space of 10 days. Both the other drivers’ fault and both were cars shunting into the back of me. I was unsure of the damage to my car so I popped onto ClickMechanic.

On ClickMechanic’s website, they have a handy inspection service which I selected. I typed in what had happened and that I needed a mechanic to have a look over the car to help assess the damage.

I booked the mechanic in for the next day. On arriving, Paul had a look over the car and let me know that there was quite a bit of damage to the boot area and that any damage he did see he would write down in the inspection notes.

These notes were very useful when contacting my insurance company as I felt more comfortable understanding what damaged had been caused. Let’s get this straight, I’m no mechanic, as you probably have worked out, so noticing any internal damage which is not a visible bump or scrap is completely beyond me and my abilities. (But I do make a mean cup of tea!)

The third experience was different to the first two in that it was a post-crash inspection type service rather than a problem that needed fixing. It was definitely worth it in my opinion.

Top marks again from me. No complaints.

How much have I saved with ClickMechanic?

I’m in the process of working out the savings of ClickMechanic but as a ballpark figure, over the three callouts, I think I have saved something like £200-£300.

10% off ClickMechanic Discount Code for new customers

You get 10% off your first booking at ClickMechanic by clicking here or visiting

Once you click the link you need to enter your email address to get 10% off. It’s their best introductory offer so don’t forget to use the Click Mechanic discount code!

ClickMechanic Review Summary

If like me you like to skip to the end, then I will summarise this ClickMechanic review for you. I’ve ClickMechanic a few times now to get my cars fixed. I’ve recommended them to my family and friends. They’ve had good experiences too. Best of all, it’s super easy, especially if you aren’t great with motors!


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