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Custom WordPress Design

Custom WordPress Design. WordPress has become the ultimate Content Management System (CMS) and its success has been because it is flexible, easy to use, and most importantly it is opensource (free, to you and me). WordPress is the bread and butter of all my website developments and I have built, tweaked and produced custom Wordpress design for a few years now. I have built simple blogs, beautiful portfolio websites, and e-commerce online shops all on this platform. vs

One of the obstacles people face when hearing WordPress, they immediately think of the free blog platform In fact there are two types of WordPress. The free set up and go blogging platform at, and the fully bespoke CMS application which you install on to your own hosting at Throughout this article I will refer to as both and WordPress, when I am referring to I will just use


What is the difference I hear you say?


  • is the free blogging platform, where for free you get hosting and a free domain at This platform is great if you just want to blog about something for fun or practice writing online. However, if you are looking to build an identity, brand, reputation, business, or sale anything then I would recommend against starting up or continuing using
  • is the free CMS application which you install on to the hosting which you pay for and is the website which is linked to your own paid domain, i.e. I would thoroughly recommend this set up to anyone. Yes it costs, but then you have a great foundation for future development and growth. If you want to build an identity, brand, reputation, business or sale and promote anything then I would recommend you spend a few pounds per month on setting this up for yourself. If you want to make the leap and get someone, like me, to set everything up, sort the domain registration, hosting, customer Wordpress design and website management, then please check out my services. In my experience it is worth doing things properly from the start, and it doesn’t have to blow your budget.


WordPress for the Win!

Based on my experience WordPress can fulfil all your needs and there are many notable example of Governments and Organisations turning to the WordPress CMS because of its superb flexibility. Over the last few years as WordPress has climbed its way to the top and left the other CMS applications, such as Drupal and Joomla, behind eating its dust.


Custom WordPress Design

Contact Elect New Media today about helping you to get started and set up online with a custom WordPress Design or to redevelop your existing WordPress website. You can contact me, Dougy Hunt, by email at [email protected].


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