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December 2016 Online Income Report

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

💥 Published 28 January 2024

December 2016 Online Income Report

Hey! Welcome to my third income report for December 2016.

Looking back at the month, it was pretty damn busy especially with taking time off work over Christmas just to chill (I say time off but you never really stop to be fair).

I’m going to continue publishing these reports as it holds me to account, and gives me the kick up the bum I need to maintain my blog as sometimes life and work get in the way. I’ll continue to write these reports honestly and be as transparent as I can but I don’t yet want to give away some of my niches. Maybe further down the line I’ll reconsider it for now but I think still publishing these is a big step.

Back in November 2016, I made £949.21 after expenses which I was proper chuffed about. It was a big leg up for me in terms of my online income.


Online Income Report – December 2016

Here’s my online income report for December 2016. This is my third online income report, you can view my previous income reports here:

November 2016 Online Income Report
– October 2016 Online Income Report

Matched Betting – £942

KaBoom! I’m nearly at the £1,000 tax-free per month mark for matched betting. If I can keep this up I’m looking at tax-free income of around £12,000 a year. Pretty excited about this revenue source. I now use OddsMonkey (rather than Profit Accumulator as it’s cheaper and seems like a better setup) to help me with matched betting. I’ve written a review, and some other stuff on matched betting you might be interested in if you are a complete newbie to matched betting or never heard of it before. It’s well worth a look. As long as you’re a Brit, have a UK address, and access to the internet you can start matched betting. The best thing of all is that anyone can have a go at it as OddsMonkey have a free trial so pretty easy to get into.

Affiliate Earnings – £950.63

This was a little unexpected to be fair. I did put some time and effort into my affiliate work but didn’t expect that I would be nearly breaking £1k here too. Not sure if this was a momentary blip or a good sign of things to come.

As I said above, I’m going to keep my affiliate sources close to my chest for now. Maybe if this continues, or grows, then I’ll share some more.

Google AdSense & Advertising – £0

I actually got rid of all the adverts on my site to focus solely on my content. I may live to regret that decision as it was an easy source of extra income, but to be fair, I hate adverts and I think they’re a bit distraction. We will see.

Online Surveys – £2.82

I’m still doing surveys on Prolific Academic and have yet to withdraw any cash so my current balance is £4.02 minus the £1.20 I did last month, I made £2.82.

It’s not going to make me rich, but it’s the price of a coffee for now, and I still enjoy doing the surveys. It does break up the day and gives me something else to do that makes ‘some’ cash.

Income Subtotal – £1,895.45

Absolutely smashed November 2016’s income subtotal. Doubled from £996.2o to £1,895.45. The 2 big winners here were matched betting and affiliate earnings. Obviously, may have broke the £2k mark if I didn’t remove Google AdSense and those adverts, but still a blinding month!

Expenses Subtotal – £245.69

I’ve decided to put all of my expenses through here now to make this a little more realistic as a section. In the first couple of months, I just put what I thought were relevant expenses. Now this is all my expenses for my self-employment online income.

iMac Lease – £147.62
PayPal – £22.99
Google Apps for Work – £29.04 (Need to check why this is so high! Oops!)
Insurance – £21.04
Internet & Phone – £20.00
Bank Charges – £5.00

Total for December 2016 – £1,649.76

I’m over the month with my total for December 2016! I’m not sure yet if this trend will continue for the rest of January and into 2017 but who knows!

Definitely learned a lot and definitely know there’s a lot more I can do until I have an online income nearer the big players but got to start somewhere. For my third month in, this start has been pretty blinding!

A smashing third report!


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