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A Digital Marketing Overview For Your Business

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

💥 Published 28 January 2024

A Digital Marketing Overview For Your Business

Whether you are taking on digital marketing as an individual, a startup or an existing business it is important to have all the different digital marketing elements in place; however, this is not straightforward if you have little knowledge of digital marketing and what it entails. A digital marketing overview for your business is a great way to see the basics of digital marketing. Digital marketing is made up of a number of different tools that work together to achieve a common result. Achieving success online is vital in business and without a strong digital marketing strategy in place it is likely you will be left behind by your competitors as they head online to grow their digital presence.

It is key that you digitally market your business and aim for the coveted Google number one position; with 75% of Google users never going past the first page of search results, being amongst the top competitors in your industry is vital to being seen and increasing your website traffic.

Though there are many digital marketing agencies who specialise in helping businesses new to digital marketing to get started, it is beneficial to have an brief idea of what it entails and the options available to you. There are three key digital marketing elements for business and this digital marketing overview will highlight their uses and importance.

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The Key Elements of Digital Marketing For Business

The below digital marketing elements are a must-have for all businesses and are relevant to the service or product you are providing. What is important to remember is that the different types of digital marketing work together to create a strategy. Digital marketing relies on different online avenues working together to achieve results.


The starting point of digital marketing should be a website. A website needs to be easy to use, eye-catching, informative and engaging in order to attract users and keep them on the website. Additionally, it must be fully useable on a mobile phone.

The majority of users access the internet via their smartphone or tablet and therefore having a responsive website is paramount; a responsive website will change size and layout to fit the screen size it is being viewed on and does not hinder the users use. A mobile version of a website should include call to action buttons to allow a user to call you directly from your smartphone and a fully workable map will help them in working out where you are located; these small features make it easy for an individual to use the website and can increase the likelihood of them choosing your business for the product or service they are interested in.

Often a website is the first thing a person will see of your business and therefore it must represent you as a brand; it needs to be fully branded, written in the correct tone must stand out from competitors.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the newer concepts in digital marketing and before beginning a digital marketing strategy many people are not aware of SEO and the huge benefits it can have. SEO’s main goal is to help a website rank highly among search engines; it does this through the use of articles, content creation, link building and more.

Without SEO a website will fail to be found online and is unlikely to appear in search engine results. Optimising your website for desired keywords can help the website to rank highly in Google, Bing and Yahoo search results for relevant terms. For example, optimising a website for the keyword ‘digital marketing overview’ will help it to rank highly when someone searches ‘digital marketing overview’.

SEO is an ongoing process and must be constantly worked upon and improved to ensure the website stays up to date with new popular search terms, has fresh and engaging content and is informative to readers.

Social Media

The majority of internet users have some sort of social media presence; whether they use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest or another social media platform, the chances are they are seeing a number of brands and companies with a strong social media presence.

Regardless of the social media platform you are focusing on, your business should be posting regular updates and information to inform your followers and fans. Many people turn to social media for customer reviews, complaints and enquiries, and a business without a strong social media presence can be viewed as being ‘out of touch’ with it’s consumer base.

Social media accounts should be updated regularly, comments and posts replied to quickly and any complaints dealt with publically; all of this works together to show you are actively working to provide good customer service and are on top of your business’ success.

Digital Marketing is the Future

These three digital marketing elements are a great place to start with digital marketing and should be focused on and improved at all times, one these are in place branch out into other digital marketing avenues such as email marketing and pay per click advertising.

Digital marketing is the future and therefore ensuring your digital marketing strategy is up to date and relevant is key to its success.


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