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Free Website Page Speed Tools: Super Fast Load Times

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⭐ Updated 14 July 2023

💥 Published 14 June 2017

Free Website Page Speed Tools: Super Fast Load Times

If you’re looking for free tools to help analyse your website’s page load times then here are a few I use when I’m optimising sites.

I bunged this website into the tools below and you can see the results.

Google PageSpeed Tool

This is probably the easiest go-to tool for checking the basics of your page load times across Desktop and Mobile devices.

It’s super simple to use. Just bung in your website url, and Google will start it’s automated analysis tool.

The results appear after a matter of seconds, divided into 2 tabs by Desktop and Mobile devices. It state a rough score out of 100, and gives a list of possible optimisations for you to complete, and others which have already been passed.

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Pingdom Website Speed Test

This tool is pretty well known and gives you a little bit more detailed insights into your page load times and what’s causing issues, if there are any.

One issue with the tool is the lack of UK based server, so that make sure you select the Sweden server if you are based in the UK. This will give you the best idea of page load time of people visiting your site here in the UK.

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This is one of my favourite page load time tool as it gives you some quality insight.

It breaks down aspects that affect your load time by recommendations and gives you an individual ranking for each element.

If you register an account you can change the server location to London, UK.

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Last but not least is Varvy, and specifically the ‘Speed’ section of their free analysis tools.

This tool gives you a super easy breakdown of page load times by different criteria with specific information on the things you need to do inorder to improve your page load time.

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