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Get 10% lifetime discount on your FreeAgent subscription, updated and verified for 2024, use referral code 430q4hro when signing up online.

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

💥 Published 28 January 2024

Get your lifetime discount

Get 10% off your monthly and annual FreeAgent subscription

I have an exclusive FreeAgent referral code for you. It’s easy to get 10% lifetime discount on your monthly or annual FreeAgent subscription.

Just copy the code and enter when you sign up. It’s that easy.

Alternatively use the code “430q4hro” or use this link.

I’ve also written an honest review of FreeAgent based using the platform since 2013 for my 3 businesses, you can read it in full at FreeAgent review.

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The latest updates

Trying to keep this post up-to-date

20 April 2023 – FreeAgent have had a refresh. Their new dashboard has an improved UI which is looking good!

11 August 2022 – I’ve now helped 307 small businesses save 10% off their FreeAgent subscription. Pretty chuffed with that. I hope to help 100s more small businesses save keep their businesses lean.

13 July 2022 – There’s been a change in the FreeAgent Evangelist programme but the great news is that the code is still valid and you can use it to continue getting a discount on your subscription forever.

5 October 2021 – I’ve had a few emails asking if I still use FreeAgent. Yes, I do. I actually have 3 FreeAgent accounts. 1 Soletrader and 2 Limited Company FreeAgent accounts. It’s still, in my honest opinion, the best system on the market for UK businesses and self-employed freelancers.

12 August 2020 – You can now get 50% off your first 6 months when you sign up! That’s a great deal. Plus save even more by opting for the annual plan over the monthly plan to save an extra 45%. Plus don’t forget your 10% off for life with my FreeAgent referral code.

19 May 2019 – I’ve signed up to a new freelance chartered accountant who supports FreeAgent. It has been great working directly with an Accountant who understands the FreeAgent system.

6 January 2019 – Quarterly VAT Returns are boring. FreeAgent takes a lot of the sting out of doing this and reporting my VAT every 3 months.

17 October 2017 – Another year, another venture. Second Limited Company started called Cullens Carpet Cleaning. FreeAgent is my go-to so doing my books has got a lot easier.

1 March 2016 – Just started my first Limited Company, called Codesauce, and signed the business up to FreeAgent so will be great to use the platform to make looking after my company books.

15 June 2015 – Finally I have finished my review of using FreeAgent while being self-employed. Hopefully this will be useful for anyone looking for an affordable way to manage their business online, sync their bank accounts, and do their books. You can read it online at FreeAgent review.

How much will this FreeAgent referral code save you?

Keeping costs down is crucial to your bottom line

The FreeAgent discount code gives you 10% off your FreeAgent subscription every month, recurring. As many of you have asked for the breakdown including and excluding VAT I had to oblige, so below is a table showing the cost exc VAT, cost inc VAT, the saving exc VAT, and the saving inc VAT.


SoletraderPartnershipLimited Company
Cost exc VAT£19.00/mo£24.00/mo£29.00/mo
Saving exc VAT£1.90/mo£2.40/mo£2.90/mo
Cost inc VAT£22.80/mo£28.80/mo£34.80/mo
Saving inc VAT£2.28/mo£2.88/mo£3.48/mo

How do I use the code?

A little guide on how to use this lifetime FreeAgent referral code

I’ve put together this short video guide on using the code to get your lifetime discount on your FreeAgent subscription.

My thoughts on FreeAgent?

Check out my honest review

I’ve written a few articles about my experiences of using FreeAgent, especially check out my FreeAgent review. It’s my honest review of this small accounting software and an insight into why have stuck with them since 2013 with 2 limited company accounts and one soletrader account.


Quickfire FAQs

Answers to your FreeAgent referral code questions

Here are some answers to questions I get asked most about my FreeAgent referral code. I'll try my best to answer any relevant questions that get sent to me when I can. If you have any questions just drop them in the comments below.

You will save 10% on your monthly subscription. The actual saving depends on whether you need the soletrader, partnership or limited company plan. It also depends whether you take VAT into account when working out the FreeAgent discount.

I receive a small commission from FreeAgent for the readers that I refer. This cost does not add to your subscription fee. The fee is used to help against the cost of running this site. I would appreciate that you use the FreeAgent discount code or FreeAgent referral when you signup to FreeAgent. Alternatively, you can visit FreeAgent without using the referral by visiting

Actually yes I am. I have 1 Soletrader account and 2 Limited Company accounts. So since around 2013 I've been using FreeAgent, I've dabbled with Xero and QuickBooks but I find that FreeAgent ticks all the right boxes for businesses and freelancers here in the UK.


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    • Absolutely no problem Gregg. You’ve made a great choice choosing FreeAgent. I have been with them for about two years now and, honestly, it has made the world of difference. Nobody likes paperwork but FreeAgent makes it that little bit more bearable. Also Gregg, let other local business owners know about FreeAgent and our referral code.

  1. Just signed up for the soletrader version of FreeAgent. Thank you Dougie for the code. Much appreciated. Have been looking at FreeAgent for a little while and now finally made the plunge in 2014.

  2. Thanks for the FreeAgent code. Have just finished the trial and can’t believe just how much time it saves. Obviously still need an accountant but keeping organised is a breeze. 10% off here we come. Guru.

  3. Thanks for the review and code. Just starting out with my first web design business and love the invoicing function of FreeAgent so think it will work well. Fingers crossed.

  4. Thanks for the code! Always good to save some pennies. Just a quick question, Dougie. What’s the expenses tracking like? We have a few offline expenses, little bits here and there. Thanks for your help.

    • Hello Alec, thanks for using the code, we hope it helps. Regarding your question. The expenses tracking system is ok. I would say that it could be better but it will easily do the small expenses with ease. The only issue, which is probably minor, is that it takes a long time to manually enter the offline expenses. There is no real solution to this as the expenses need to be converted from offline to online somehow – unfortunately there is no app for that yet. So to sum up. Yes, it’s ok, could be better, but the functionality you will need is all included in FreeAgent. Good luck.

  5. Hi Dougie, I’m newly self-employed (starting my own crafts business – so excited) and was wondering how secure Freeagent is when connecting to a bank account. Want to be 100% sure before committing to anything. Grateful for your help + your article above + your freeagent referral code. Thank you. Chaz.

    • Hey Charlie, firstly congrats on taking the plunge and going the self-employed route. It can be one of the most rewarding things you ever do. On your question around the security when linking a bank account to FreeAgent have a quick read of the section ‘What if I have concerns about security?’ at In short, bank feed system is run via Yodlee, who according to FreeAgent, are one of the world leaders in this area. Also check out: You are definitely right to check this but we have had our bank feeds and PayPal feeds linked up for years and had no problems to date. Best advice is to read what they’ve written and any questions give FreeAgents support team a quick nudge.

  6. Hi, thanks for the referral code! I have recently started playing with many different accounting sites and FreeAgent is the best though it is the most expensive among all… Love it anyway and took the plunge! The discount made a lot of difference :)

    Thanks again

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