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Hostroute Promotional Codes 2023

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

💥 Published 28 January 2024

Hostroute Promotional Codes 2023

Update: Hostroute has been rolled into it’s parent company Tsohost. You get the same amazing plans and customer service. Check out my Tsohost Review and my Ultimate Tsohost WordPress Comparison for more info. You can use the promo code TSOHOST2021 for 10% off at Tsohost.


Hostroute Promotional Code. Hostroute web hosting and domain registration company is part of the Paragon Internet Group. This Group of businesses has a specific focus on providing quality web hosting, the latest leading technology, affordable price points and excellent customer service experience. I have had extensive experience of using the services from the Paragon Internet Group of companies from Tsohost, to Vidahost, and to Hostroute. I only ever recommend the services which I trust and those with which I believe in. Plus Elect New Media has two exclusive Hostroute Promotional Codes for web hosting and reseller accounts for you today.

Hostroute Promotional Codes

Latest Hostroute Promotional Codes

BRAND NEW 2014 Hostroute Promo Codes:
Save 20% on Hosting with HOST20
Save 25% on Reseller with RESELL25


Old Hostroute Promo Codes:
HOSTROUTE20OFFHOST entitles you to 20% off web hosting packages.
25OFFRESELLERHOSTROUTE entitles you to 25% off reseller packages.


20% off Hosting

Hostroute is eco-friendly. For those who are ethically minded, using Hostroute could not be better as they use the latest eco-friendly servers and their hosting is carbon neutral – meaning that your website or online shop can state that it is by extension an eco-friendly website. Not only does Hostroute have great environmental credentials it also has affordable packages to meet all your web hosting needs. With packages starting from just £3 per month for the Bronze Package, all the way up to the Gold Package which is just £9 per month.

Bronze Package costs just £3 per month and is ideal for one basic website with very small amounts of search traffic visiting the website. If you have a one-page website or small brochure website which you will be using to direct people to – then this will be the ideal start-up package for you.

Silver Package costs just £6 per month and is better suited to hosting a medium-sized website or 2 small websites. This package can sustain a small amount of search traffic and is ideal for small start-up businesses needing to set up an online identity.

Gold Package costs just £9 per month and I would recommend this as the ideal package for anyone looking to have a serious online presence. This package is perfect for medium-sized websites looking to expand and develop online. It has the extra capacity for search traffic to grow as your customer base grows.

Get an extra 20% off hosting when you use Hostroute Promotional Code HOSTROUTE20OFFHOST. Make sure you enter this Hostroute Promotional Code in to the checkout/basket area to secure an extra 20% off these incredibly feature rich hosting packages.

Hostroute Discount Codes


25% off Reseller Accounts

Reseller Accounts are the perfect way to make extra income from the excess capacity on your web hosting package. For just £15 per month you get a full web hosting package with the option to sell on the capacity to clients, customers, family and friends for whatever price you want. You become a re-seller of the web hosting capacity and it serves to boost the profits of any business, freelancer or web host. Plus today you can get an extra 25% off your Reseller Account when you use Hostroute Promotional Code 25OFFRESELLERHOSTROUTE. Make sure you enter this Hostroute Promotional Code in to the checkout/basket area to secure an extra 25% off your Reseller Account.

Hostroute Coupon Codes


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