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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

💥 Published 28 January 2024

Jobber Review

I trust Jobber with my cleaning company, Cullens Cleaning, and here is my honest opinion of Jobber in this indepth Jobber review.

Before, I start, make sure you don’t miss out on getting 1 month of Jobber completely free when you use this link.

Plus, don’t forget you get a free 14-day trial (no credit card required) so you can check out and see whether Jobber is right for you and your business.

Jobber Review

Ok, so you’re new to Jobber and you want to know whether it’s right for your business. That’s great because it means you’re in good company as thousands of others have read this review trying to figure that out too. I hope that I can provide an honest overview of how Jobber works and how it has benefitted my business.

Jobber Software

There are lots of features included in Jobber at they are: Client Manager (CRM); Client Communications; Quoting; Expense Tracking; Quickbooks and Xero Sync; Chemical Tracking; Time Tracking; Time Sheets; GPS Tracking; Jobber Payments; Job Forms; Jobs; Invoicing; Scheduling and Dispatching; Reporting; Routing; Drag and Drop Calendar; Client Hub; Work Requests; Jobber App; Team Permissions.

As you can see, Jobber is bundled with a lot of useful features that will help you and your team manage a growing, busy business.

Personally, I love the fact that Jobber has a really neat set of reporting functions. With just one-click, I can see a lot of useful data about my business and so helps to make the business decisions that little bit easier.

Here’s a tongue-in-cheek video from Jobber which gives a nice insight of Jobber for service businesses.

Jobber App

The Jobber app has to be one of the best parts of joining Jobber.

Having a professional, high quality iPhone and Andriod app means that you and your team on the road can be connected instantly.

All of the customer and job information is at your team’s fingertips, while also being able to track their timesheet + GPS means that you also reduce even more manual tasks.

Jobber Calendar

Calendars can be a pinch point for most growing service businesses. Whether you used to manage your calendar manually in a hardcopy paper diary or used cloud software like Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar – then you Jobber’s integrated calendar (with sync) will be a breath of fresh air!

It removes all of the duplication and effort of copy over data. Now, calendar events are created instantly while using Jobber.

Jobber Integrations

There are two main integrations that are worth noting here. They are with Xero and Quickbooks Online. Both are cloud accountancy services and a mainstay of modern business management.

I don’t use either of these services so can’t comment directly (I prefer FreeAgent). However, after reading about the two options it seems that the Quickbooks integration offers far more functionality than that of the Xero one.

Personally, though I would like to see the integration of Jobber and FreeAgent.

Jobber Plans & Pricing

There should be a Jobber plan that fits your business. The plans are Lite; Core; Connect; Unlimited.

Each of these plans offers more functionality. So, if you’re small one person business then the Lite plan might be perfect for you. If you are an average business with up to 10 staff then Connect might be the one for you. If you have a larger team then Unlimited is the plan for you.

All the above prices are in USD (which is a slight annoyance) but here are converted GBP prices for UK business.

Billed Monthly

Lite = £16.57 /mo
Core = £58.76 /mo
Connect = £109.24 /mo
Unlimited = £219.23 /mo

Billed Yearly

Lite = £14.31 /mo
Core = £51.98 /mo
Connect = £97.18 /mo
Unlimited = £195.12 /mo

You get decent savings if you invest upfront in Jobber for 12 months, I personally just go on a month by month basis at the moment but I think we are probably in with Jobber for the long run so will invest to capitalise on lower costs soon.

Jobber Discount Code

Get 1 month of Jobber completely free when you use this link.

Don’t forget you get a free 14-day trial (no credit card required) so you can check out and see whether Jobber is right for you and your business.

My experience of Jobber

No bit of kit will be perfect, nor will it, solve all of your business administrative woes. As every business is different and this is an off-the-shelf product, it won’t be a perfect fit.

Saying that though, Jobber does what it does very well. It doesn’t try to overreach and be software for all types of businesses across all types of industries.

Instead, it has focussed in on service-based business, like my cleaning company, and the functionality it has compliments how we work so for us it’s a great fit.

Pros of Jobber

Ok, so what are the good points of using Jobber?

That’s a pretty easy question, to be honest. It will make running your service business a lot easier, will give you access to features that will help you grow, and will help improve your businesses professionalism.

Cons of Jobber

What about the bad points of Jobber?

This is a little more of a difficult question.

I would say that the price can be a push for some businesses that are struggling with cash-flow issues.

There is also the issue of putting all your eggs in one basket, but to be honest, all businesses have to rely on other third-party providers for certain aspects of running their business – whether that’s accountants, accountancy software, email software, phone providers, vehicle leasing companies, or online marketers.

Lastly, I think one issue with Jobber is that there is a learning curve to start using Jobber, and time will have to be put in for staff to be trained and become used to how it operates. This may mean that some of the ways you currently do things in your business will have to change – hopefully for the better.

TLDR Job Review

If you’re like me, you scroll to the bottom of an article to get the gist of whether this article is actually useful, so here is a quick summary of this Jobber review.

  • Perfect for quite a wide range of service businesses, such as trades, cleaners, etc
  • Really great iPhone and Andriod app – so useful for teams on the road
  • Quoting, invocing, reminders, payments, reviews, etc, it does it all
  • Pretty reasonable pricing for most businesses
  • Get 1 month of Jobber completely free when you use this link
  • Free 14-day trial (no credit card required) so you can test the waters

My Opinion?

If you’re running a service business then you need to at least try Jobber for a couple of weeks. It will blow your mind! And save you at least a few hours a week. Time you can spend doing what you love rather than tedious business admin.


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How much does Jobber cost?

As of time of writing, Jobber costs from £14.50 per month on the Lite plan when billed annually.

Is the Jobber app available for iPhone?

Yes, the Jobber app is available for iPhones on the App Store + for Android phones on Google Play.


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