Laundrapp Review: Probably not my best experience ever. Tad disappointed.

It’s been a little while since my first and only use of Laundrapp – the dry cleaning app I have been waiting to use for actually a little while as it was not previously available in my area – and when it came to the punch, it was not my best experience ever.

Laundrapp Review

Ok, so this is my honest review of Laundrapp. I’m not promoting a competitor or trying to run down the company. This is just what happened to me and my thoughts on the whole thing.

Placing the order

I placed my order on the app for collection on Sunday 10th September with a return date of Tuesday 12th September. It was pretty easy to do and I had a discount code so was really good value.

I just wanted to get a blazer and a white shirt cleaned and the shirt ironed. Nothing out of the ordinary.

The dry cleaning pick up

This is where I think things went wrong. When the Laundrapp guy turned up to the house, he had no uniform (just a baseball cap and trainers on) and 2 bags. He just said ‘Hello’ and ‘Can you put your stuff in this bag?’. He then left. No tagging. Nothing. That was it.

The dry cleaning drop off

So, everything was going well until I received an email from Laundrapp, a few hours before delivery, of an error on their system and for me to let them know what items I had sent to be dry cleaned. Mind you, it was the date of the delivery.

The back and forth

I replied with something along the lines of ‘Well, that’s not great.’ and a list of the 2 items I have sent for cleaning.

Over the course of a month, lots of emails were exchanged and the whole process was very very drawn out.

At one point, I called the service ‘deplorable’ as I got so frustrated with the back and forth. Especially with them not being upfront about their mistake and trying to make me jump through hoops to prove I purchased my clothes.

The compensation

In the end, I got a full refund for the service, compensation for the lost clothing, and a small token of goodwill in the form of Laundrapp credits.

Not entirely sure the Laundrapp credits are a sufficient goodwill gesture for the hassle, but I accepted the offer as the whole process was a right pain in the ass.


My experience of Laundrapp was not good. It was disappointing. After they lost my clothes and the extensive draw out process of trying to get compensation, they did come through in the end and give me a full refund, compensation for the lost clothing, and a small token of goodwill (Laundrapp credits).

I will be using my Laundrapp credits soon on some shirts to test their service again, so I will feedback on that once I have got round to doing it.

So, that, in a nutshell, is my Laundrapp experience and review. Take from that what you will. No company can guarantee that they won’t make mistakes, but it’s how they deal with those mistakes which actually matter. I think Laundrapp could have made the process of trying to fix their mistake a lot easier. In the end, it was their mistake and they should have been quicker to fix and address it.

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