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Market Your Business Cheaply

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⭐ Updated 14 July 2023

💥 Published 23 March 2015

Market Your Business Cheaply

When it comes to business, there is no denying it costs money. Whether it’s staff wages, office supplies or another form of outgoings keeping a successful business afloat comes at a price – and that’s before you have even thought about marketing. Marketing is a necessity in helping a business to grow but unfortunately it can come at a high price; digital marketing is costly but it is also something that is hard to avoid.

Luckily, there are a few digital marketing techniques that can help you to market your business cheaply which may helps soften the blow when a professional website, mobile app or pay-per-click advertising needs to be paid for. Marketing your business cheaply is not to say that you are doing it in a unprofessional or half-hearted way, it is simply fact that some forms of digital marketing come at very little cost and if they are done correctly, can offer a good return on investment. Which is great for you, and great for your business.


Affordable DIY Marketing Techniques

DIY marketing techniques are a great way to market your business cheaply; though websites design and development and search engine optimisation are best left to the experts, there are some key digital marketing techniques that you can do yourself with very little time or cost.

Social Media.

The bottom line is, social media is free; and you’d be a fool to not use it to it’s full potential. Whether you are a social media whizzkid or a complete novice, with a little time and practice you will soon get the hang of posting on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, as well as interacting with fans and followers. Post regularly, be interesting and give your audience what they want. The type of post content will differ from business to business but no no knows your customers better than you do so be sure to keep it interesting. A key thing to remember when marketing your business cheaply through social media is to mix it up; vary your posts to include offers, business news but also other relevant updates.

Email Marketing.

If you have a catalogue of customer email addresses then why not use them? Email marketing can be done at a low cost and can bring in business if done correctly. Though you may need to seek the help of a software or programme to send the emails, you can save money by writing the content yourself and using a template for the design. Email marketing is a great way to entice existing customers back to your website to take advantage of promotions and new products. After all, they have used you once so who’s to say they won’t want to use you again?


Though the most important way blogging is used in marketing is for SEO purposes which requires time and skill, you can add to this by updating your blog or news section frequently. This will increase your page count, will provide shareable posts for social media and will give site visitors something extra to read. Blog articles created by you are free of cost, they simply require your time. Placing these on your website amongst purposefully written SEO articles can only add to your business’ marketing success.

Word of Mouth.

Possibly the oldest marketing technique in the book is word of mouth. It’s free, doesn’t require much of your time and can increase your customer base on a large scale. So many of us trust what friends and family say more so than online reviews or testimonials and therefore it is useful to encourage your customers to spread the word or offer a reward scheme for those that do. Ask them to pass on your details of their friends, families or colleagues or suggest money off their next spend if they bring in another client. Word of mouth allows you to market your business without spending time or money which makes it a perfect way to marketing your business cheaply; in fact, your customers are doing the marketing for you.

As seen above there are a number of ways to market your business without increasing the cost too much. Though a website, SEO and pay-per-click advertising are great ways to market your business with proven results, emails, social media, blogging and word of mouth can also bring in much needed customers and leads, except without the cost.

Combining these types of affordable marketing techniques with professionally executed digital marketing strategies ensures you have all bases covered when it comes to your business. Cost does not reflect the importance of the type of marketing and without the smaller DIY marketing techniques businesses would struggle to get ahead. Implement them in your spare time or choose a member of staff as the person to do so on your behalf; a few social media updates a week along with a blog and some email content requires a few hours of time, minimal cost and can have great results.


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