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MaxCDN Discount Coupon

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

πŸ’₯ Published 28 January 2024

MaxCDN Discount Coupon

MaxCDN Discount Coupon updated 2014. Boost your website speed in an hour with MaxCDN. Our website uses MaxCDN to deliver the website code, script, and media files direct to the visitor. It is superbly fast. We will show you the proof, but first here is that MaxCDN Discount Coupon you may want to hang on to.

MaxCDN Discount Coupon Code


Proof MaxCDN Works!

Here is a screenshot of before and after MaxCDN was activated on this website. The results are amazing!

Load time before MaxCDN enabled:

MaxCDN Discount Code

Load times after MaxCDN enabled:

MaxCDN Promo Code

That is an impressive improvement of over 1.5 seconds!


Why does it matter how fast the website loads?

Firstly, nobody likes waiting a long time for a website to load, but what about if it is a potential customer and they close the browser window because the page took too long to load? We all have done this at some point.

Secondly, more and more people are using mobile devices to access the internet, but instead of using that highspeed broadband connection they have at home or at the office, they are using 3G and we know all too well how long it takes for websites to load even when you have full signal. So by cutting page load times you will boost visitors to your website.

Thirdly, it has been studied and proven time and time again that a decreased page load time means that customers will visit more often; recommend you more to their family, friend and followers; and more importantly purchase from your ecommerce store or ring your business.

Finally, Google loves fast loading websites. It rewards fast loading sites with better search engine rankings. Fact.

We think those four reasons are reason enough for every website owner and every business to think seriously about getting a CDN. We recommend MaxCDN as it is the one we use here on our website. Fast isn’t it!


How does a CDN work (plain English)?

When a visitor is geographical far from your hosting servers, it makes the website slow because of the distance the information has to travel. So a CDN takes all the website’s files like images, scripts, etc, and distributes them across their high speed servers around the world. So when a visitor loads the page, they load it from a server close to them and experiences a fast website. Simple.


Choose MaxCDN today!

Visit MaxCDN today and purchase a CDN for your website plus use this exclusive MaxCDN discount coupon for 20% off your MaxCDN CDN.Β Here is a little breakdown to why customers are choosing MaxCDN:

  • Fastest Network and Servers so they get the fastest speeds and website.
  • Easy setup. Existing plugins for the majority of website software. (WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Vbulletin and many more.)
  • Trusted by thousands of companies including: StumbleUpon, Garmin, Disqus, BuySellAds, StackOverflow and much more!


MaxCDN Pricing (Plus 20% OFF!)

When you use our exclusive MaxCDN Discount Coupon you can get a massive 20% (that’s 1/5th) off the price of your CDN!

MaxCDN Pricing


MaxCDN Review

We have compiled a full review of MaxCDN available to read here at MaxCDN Review. For those that are still considering which CDN or considering whether to purchase a CDN at all – it is a must read. In plan English we will explain what MaxCDN is and how it can benefit you.


WordPress, MaxCDN and W3 Total Cache

Confused how to install your MaxCDN CDN? We have created a handy step by step guide to installing your CDN on WordPress with the help of the recommend free plugin W3 Total Cache. Read our MaxCDN and W3 Total Cache WordPress Help Guide.


MaxCDN Discount Coupon

We recommend MaxCDN because it has worked effectively for us for over a year now and was very reasonable priced. The benefits are enormous so make yourself stand out about the crowd online with almost instantaneous page load times. To make the deal even sweeter use this MaxCDN Discount Coupon for 20% off your CDN today.


MaxCDN Discount Coupon Link

For the sake of transparency, we have an affiliate partnership with MaxCDN where we get rewarded for each new customer we refer to MaxCDN. This commission is paid by MaxCDN and does not cost you anything at all – it is a simple referral fee. We only recommend products that we use and thoroughly recommend. We do not endorse substandard products. Please use the affiliate link provided and the MaxCDN discount coupon.

If you do not want to click the affiliate link here is a non-affiliate link for MaxCDN:


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  1. After reading your review of MaxCDN with Tsohost we have decided to stick those two together with our new online store – Fable & Kin. That’s two from you today. Both the Tsohost promotional code and this MaxCDN discount code. Thanks very much.

    Josh (again).

    • Okay, now you are just showing off! You will have a blistering fast set-up. That will help your SEO rankings, user experience and conversion rates no doubt. Like I said in the other comment – keep me posted!

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