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Minicabster Review

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

πŸ’₯ Published 28 January 2024

Minicabster Review

Update: The company behind Minicabster is now in Administration (thanks to JP below for the information). You can find more information by visiting here,Β here and here. I would advise caution to using the service going forward.

A great find online – Minicabster – which is an online taxi booking service. I hate booking cabs, taxi’s, and minicab’s so anything which makes the awkward process of ringing a cab office, trying to explain where you want to go, where you live, and how much it’ll cost (and sometimes the price magically changes between the end of the phone call and arriving at the destination), is right up my street!

Minicabster fills that niche. So, here is a quick review of Minicabster (drum roll please)… Oh, and before I forget, check out the latest Minicabster Voucher Codes here.


Minicabster Review

Here is our quick review of Minicabster which takes in: booking with Minicabster, the Minicabster app, and the Minicabster website. This review is based on using Minicabster five times in the last week.

Booking a minicab with Minicabster

Booking a minicab couldn’t be easier – it’s actually an extremely pleasant experience – which is huge thumbs up to developers and designers. When you book a cab you start straight from the homepage, here are the steps:

Step one:

Enter your pick up location, destination and any routes you want to take via, then click continue. In our example we will be travelling from Heathrow Airport to Gatwick Airport.

Minicabster, Get minicab quotes from London and the UK fast (2)

Step two:

After clicking continue, you get taking to a second page on the website which asks you to enter more precise info about your journey, such as the pick up time, whether you want a return journey, number of passengers, number of suitcases, etc. A handy little additional is that Minicabster also tells you how long the travel time will take. Now click Get Quotes.

Minicab From London Heathrow Airport Terminal 3 (arrivals), London Heathrow Airport, Hounslow, TW6 1QG to London Gatwick Airport South Terminal, London Gatwick Airport, Gatwick, RH6 0NN

Step three:

The third step is to select from a range of minicab firms all bidding for your custom. There is quite a range of prices as you can see in the image below. Each minicab firm has a rating – which is user generated – and is a good indicator of which company to pick. The main indicator for me however is price, so I always sort my cheapest first. Now select a company and click Book Now.

Minicabster- Booking

Step four:

After you have selected a company and clicked Book Now, you will be brought to the fourth stage which is your payment selection options – you can either pay securely by card or pay by cash to the driver. Once you have chosen your preferred payment method, continue on.

Minicabster- Booking (1)

Step five:

Register. This process is pretty painless and secure. You enter your mobile number, first and last name in and select book. You will get a pin texted to you. Enter the pin on the website and confirm your details. After which you will be asked to pay via debit or credit card, or complete if you are paying by cash. Job done.

Minicabster- Booking (2)

The Minicabster App

The Minicabster app is uber-handy when you are out and about and need a cab quickly. It is available from the App Store and Google Play. One thing I did notice is that when I tried to pay by card on the iPhone app it kept alerting me to an error. Luckily I had cash on me at the time but this was one heck of an inconvenience and wasn’t so handy when I needed it to be.


The Minicabster Website

The Minicabster website is a little bit sexy. Something which doesn’t happen very often in the taxi world – not that I tend to browse cab websites in my spare time. There is obvious investment in the design of the website, and we are not just talk aesthetics, but actually the usability and intuitive nature of the website.

The primary blue mixed with the bold black and a full width design makes this site look engaging but also trustworthy – if the company is willing to invest in aesthetics then that is a big thumbs up from the visitor and potential customer.

Minicabster uses Optimizely to A/B test its site to squeeze every last ounce of potential from each visitor – with the hope of boosting conversions, increasing profits, etc.

As you can see all over the site are trust indictors galore: positive 5 star reviews, payment methods we all love, a premium green bar SSL certificate, full range of social media sites, their own app, and login using your mobile number and secure pin confirmation.

Minicabster, Get minicab quotes from London and the UK fast (1)

Minicabster Voucher Codes

Click here to view the latest Minicabster Voucher Codes.



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  1. I would advise caution when using Minicabster. Although the website doesnt mention it the company behind it (Minicabster Limited) is now in administration.

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