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MyProtein Caffeine Pro Tablets Review – Giving you the boost you need!

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

💥 Published 28 January 2024

MyProtein Caffeine Pro Tablets Review – Giving you the boost you need!

I’m a little bit of a coffee addict, I’ll admit it.

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MyProtein Caffeine Pro Tablets Review

At my worst caffeine addiction, (I was working late nights in a club) I was getting through two pints of relentless a night at work (other energy drinks are available), and then at least a can alongside a couple of cups of coffee during the day. Those days might be long gone, and I’ve even switched to green tea in the afternoons rather than a second cuppa joe, but you can’t deny the help that caffeine can bring to fat and weight loss. If coffee isn’t your thing, caffeine tablets can be a great aid to weight loss, as well as a pre-gym kick up the bum energy boost.

Definitely idea for that kick up the bum!

As one tablet is equivalent to two cups of coffee, it’s important to be careful if you are sensitive to caffeine or if you’ve already made a few trips to Starbucks today. The first time I took one was pre-workout as I felt I was flagging, but half a tablet would have been plenty. Squatting with a caffeine overdose is weird. It sounds basic, but too late at night will keep you buzzing through the wee small hours too, so don’t make the rooky mistake and end up awake all night (though you might get a lot of work done!). You’ll need a sharp knife and a chopping board if you only want half though, as the tablets don’t feature a breaking line.

They keep the buzz and the burn going!

I wouldn’t personally swap my daily coffee for a tablet, but I would recommend this to someone looking to boost his or her workouts, as it’s worked great for me. I feel more alert during the workout and can push that little bit further. I have read tips elsewhere too which suggest if you were use something like caffeine, make sure you do a couple of workouts a week without it, to prevent reliance. It’s up to the individual on that one though.

Boost your workouts with a caffeine top-up.

I hope that you found this MyProtein Caffeine Pro Tablets Review useful.


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