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MyProtein Vegan Blend Protein Review – It’s Vegantastic!

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

💥 Published 28 January 2024

MyProtein Vegan Blend Protein Review – It’s Vegantastic!

I’m going to be reviewing MyProtein Vegan Blend Protein from the Muscle & Strength range today.

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MyProtein Vegan Blend Protein Review

MyProtein Vegan Blend Protein

This is an ideal supplement for vegetarians, vegans, and people allergic to dairy or lactose intolerant. I’m lactose intolerant so I use this protein regularly anyways as my main substitute for whey protein. It provides a good 22 grams of protein per 30-gram serving, has a good amino acid profile and is fairly low on carbs/fat per serving.

Benefits of Vegan Blend Protein

Vegan Blend offers a similar nutritional profile to off the shelf whey protein. The main benefits is that it is made from a combination of Brown Rice, Pea and Hemp Protein so it offers those looking for a non-meat or dairy-free supplement the chance to boost their protein intake without much compromise.

Our Tests: MyProtein Chocolate Smooth Vegan Blend 1kg Pouch

I have opted to test the MyProtein Chocolate Smooth Vegan Blend 1kg Pouch. I love chocolate so this is supplement ideal for me personally as someone which lactose intolerance. Let’s put the Vegan Blend through its paces.

The Taste Test: MyProtein Vegan Blend

Unlike Whey Protein, the MyProtein Vegan Blend isn’t the greatest mixer of all. It tends to have a grainy texture, but this is tolerable when taken as a plain water shake and actually quite tasty when mixed with soya milk or lactose-free milk.

MyProtein Vegan Blend comes into options: unflavoured and choco smooth. The unflavoured is ideal for cooking and adding your own flavour combinations while the choco smooth flavour is pretty scrummy.

Overall, I give MyProtein Vegan Blend a taste test score of 4/5.

MyProtein Vegan Blend Protein Review

The MyProtein Vegan Blend is the perfect companion for veggies, vegans and non-dairy eaters. Although lacking the flavour choices, there still is the ability to mix your own using MyProtein’s own flavour drops. If that sounds like too much work there is still the Chocolate Smooth flavour, everyone loves chocolate right?! Taking everything in to consideration and the fact that there isn’t a whole load of choice for veggies, vegans or non-dairy eaters currently on the market then the Vegan Blend from MyProtein does pretty well overall.

Overall, I give MyProtein Vegan Blend an editor’s opinion score of 4/5.

I hope that you found this MyProtein Vegan Blend Protein review useful. Don’t forget to use code ‘DOUGLAS-R92’ for 35% off My Protein for all new accounts.


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