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People Per Hour for Freelancers

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

💥 Published 28 January 2024

People Per Hour for Freelancers

Update – I now use for all my hiring and freelancer work needs.

The freelancing world can seem like a daunting place for those who are just getting started; where do I start? What website do I use? How do I get my first job? As a freelancing newbie it is likely you will have many questions and very few answers. Luckily, there are online communities and work websites available to help you get started. When the idea of freelancing first enters your mind it is likely that you have a romanticised view of spending your days sitting at home, working on your laptop, creating content, websites or graphics for an endless amount of clients and though it may seem like a dream job, with some hard work many freelancers find it is a dream job that is achievable. But, where to begin?

Freelancing comes in all different shapes and sizes, but the most popular for those online are writing, website design and development, and graphic design. However, People Per Hour extends far beyond this and hosts administration roles, proofreading, coding, programming and anything else you can think of that can be done remotely – it even offers some on-site projects for those that are interested.

Luckily, for freelancing beginners, there are websites available where you can source jobs, manage your payments and sell your services; one of the most popular is People Per Hour. People Per Hour is where many freelancers start as a way to gain experience, build a client base and secure an income.

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Getting Started on People Per Hour

People Per Hour is an online community of freelancers and buyers. Everyone who signs up to the website is required to create a profile listing their skills, some information about themselves and then work can begin. When you first get started on People Per Hour as a freelancer it quickly becomes clear that competition is tough; there are a lot of freelancers and a lot of jobs to compete for. However, with a bit of hard work your profile will improve and you will find yourself winning jobs with the best of them.

There are a number of benefits to People Per Hour for freelancers and it is not hard to see why it is such a popular source of freelance work.

  • Genuine People: When you first begin on People Per Hour, before withdrawing any money you have earned, you are required to submit information to prove you are who you say you are. This is a quick task and involves submitting photo ID and proof of address. Don’t worry about giving all your details away, People Per Hour is regulated and personal information is not seen by anyone else.
  • Escrow: People Per Hour offers a unique escrow function when freelancing jobs are being complete. This means that People Per Hour hold any money between a job starting and a job being completed – buyers can rest assured that money will not be released to the freelancer until they have confirmed the work and freelancers are safe in the knowledge that a buyer cannot simply refuse to pay.
  • Reviews: Both buyer and freelance profiles can provide reviews and testimonials for those they have worked with. As a freelancer this can put your mind at rest that you are working with those who others have enjoyed working with and without an issue.

How Do I Grow As a Freelancer?

On People Per Hour freelancers that complete jobs, receive good reviews and provide a high quality of work are rewarded in the form of a CERT ranking system. CERT ranks one to five – plus a special ‘Top 10’ ranking for the top freelancers – and as your experience and skills grow on People Per Hour you move up the CERT rankings. This works in two ways to benefit freelancers; not only does it show buyers that you are hard working and capable of fulfilling the job, but it also encourages buyers to approach you directly for projects.

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Jobs and Hourlies

There are two types of work on People Per Hour; jobs and hourlies. Jobs are posted by buyers and freelancers with the relevant skills can bid their price for job completion; buyers then take a look and can decide which freelancer they want. The other route for work on People Per Hour for freelancers is through hourlies. Hourlies are services posted by the freelancer and can be bought by a buyer at a set fee; hourlies have a set completion date, a set price and a set service. Both hourlies and jobs are great on People Per Hour for freelancers who are looking to find work.

Are There Any Negatives?

The only negative on People Per Hour is that the company take a percentage of your earnings from each job as a ‘PPH Fee’. The amount taken varies and 17.5% + VAT is taken on the first £175 you make each month, and then decreases to 3.5% + VAT thereafter. Though it is a negative that People Per Hour take fees from freelancers, it is outweighed by the benefits it provides as a whole.

People Per Hour for freelancers is an ideal workspace. It offers an online community of jobs, buyers and can lead into bigger and better projects. For those that get stuck, there is help on People Per Hour for freelancers and questions are genuinely answered and resolved relatively quickly, so you are never stuck for too long.

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