Pow! Right in the Google Rankings.

After being hacked our site here at ENM has been struggling lately. Things haven’t got better yet, in fact that they have probably got worse, even though we have sought to fix everything from changing our hosting provider to WPEngine, to getting Sucuri to clear our site, to adding a CDN, to making the site secure with a SSL, to using a dedicated IP address.

Google Webmaster Tools has now shown us the impact of this hack and how it has decimated. As you can see below our site has hit rock bottom. Not a single click and just 2 impressions on one day.


That can only mean that our site, for all intents and purposes, has been completely removed from Google. Ouch.

Well, hopefully this is rock bottom and as they say ‘things can only get better’ so we will be working our hardest to rebuild our site to make it the best no-nonsense digital site.

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