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Prolific Academic Review: Make Money With Surveys

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

💥 Published 28 January 2024

Prolific Academic Review: Make Money With Surveys

I am a complete newbie at trying to make money with surveys so here is my first-hand experience of trying out my first ever survey site: Prolific Academic.

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Quick Video Prolific Surveys Review

I’ve put together this quick video review of Prolific Academic surveys. A brief summary of what Prolific is, who uses it, a look behind the scenes, and starting a Prolific survey.

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Prolific Academic Review

There is a short sign up process for Prolific Academic, you can sign up by email or by using Facebook.

After the short sign up process which involved verifying my email address, I answered about 30 very simple pre-screening questions. I think these help filter potential surveys dependent on your answers.

Once I had completed those pre-screening questions, I then had access to 3 new studies.

The three studies took a maximum of 10 minutes to complete in total and I earned £1.20.

There is a short period where your survey is checked for quality. I guess this is to maintain quality and stop people clicking through surveys quickly. After 21 days they are automatically approved and money added to your account.

There is a payment threshold of £5 for PayPal payments (with PayPal fees). There is a £20 threshold with zero PayPal fees for UK users. I guess it is worth waiting to maximise profit.

Although not a massive amount earned on day 1, it was very easy to do and very straightforward. I’ll wait now until they notify me that there are new studies to take part in.

There is a useful Prolific Academic subReddit that is worth keeping an eye out on.

Update: First survey studies approved

Just wanted to write a quick update on this Prolific Academic review to note that I have had the payments for my first 3 survey studies approved. That gives me an active balance of £1.20. Small, but every little helps.



Update: New survey studies available

After a couple of days of not doing any survey studies, I can now see that there are 3 new survey studies for me to take part in. They’ll give me an extra £1.40 on completion for about on average 11 minutes work. Not bad at all.



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