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MyProtein My Bar Zero Review

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

💥 Published 28 January 2024

MyProtein My Bar Zero Review

My Bar Zero is a range of low carb protein bars from MyProtein. The bars all come in at fewer than 200 calories, and barely 5g of carbs each. There are seven flavours, including chocolate, almond vanilla, and strawberry vanilla.

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MyProtein My Bar Zero Review

I tried the chocolate flavour, which is made with milk protein, cacao nibs, and low-fat cocoa.

Benefits of My Bar Zero

Shakes aren’t always the easiest way to get extra protein during the day. A bar is far more easily chucked in your bag to snack on, and though I love making my own bars and cookies, the macros on this were just too good to turn down.

The Taste Test: My Bar Zero

The bars are quite sticky and very chewy, so they take a bit of time to eat, but the flavour is pretty good. Not overly chocolatey, and I wouldn’t call it indulgent, but the cacao nibs certainly help to hit the chocolate spot.

However, every time I eat one of these, I get a funny taste about halfway through the bar and have to leave it for a good half an hour before I can finish it off. This is a first world problem, yes, but it’s very strange. I think it may be something to do with the sugar replacement that is used, giving an unpleasant artificial taste that builds up as you eat the bar.

Overall, the chocolate bars are pretty good. They are some of the best tasting bars I have had for the price and for the macros – if you want more chocolate you have to take more carbs and if you want more protein you’ll get more of everything else too.

Macros: on average: 198cal; 6.2g fat; 2.6g carbs; 20.2g protein.

These pass the taste test, at 3.5/5

MyProtein My Bar Zero Review

Overall, the price and the taste of these bars is really good, and I would recommend them. They could be improved if the strange taste wasn’t an issue, but that is a small thing to take considering how much protein you get compared with fat and carbs. These bars easily rival Quest bars, which are still pretty expensive to buy in the UK and only come through sites like Amazon.

Overall, these bars are a good 4/5.


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