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Tesco Protein Pasta Review: Does it really pack much of a protein punch?

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

💥 Published 28 January 2024

Tesco Protein Pasta Review: Does it really pack much of a protein punch?

High protein savoury foods are becoming popular in the market, with Dr Zak’s a current leading company, with products like pasta and bread. Supermarket chain Tesco has got in the game too, offering customers a slightly cheaper version of high protein pasta.

Benefits of protein pasta

Pasta is a classic food we’re told to avoid when embarking on a healthy lifestyle, but protein pasta makes it easier to have Italian dishes without the carb guilt or fitting neatly into the day’s macros. Boosting your protein intake in a carb based dish is also good if you get a bit sick of sweet powders, or bars, and want something a little different.

The taste test: high protein pasta

I have found other brands of high protein pasta tasty but in small doses, meaning sometimes I’m still hungry when I’m a bit sick of it. However, the Tesco version is much closer to the real deal, partly because it isn’t as high protein as other brands, but means it is tastier and you can eat the whole dish comfortably. It’s a soft and delicious, easy to cook and easy to match with your favourite pasta sauces and toppings.

The price test: high protein pasta

The healthy living pasta is 85p for 250g. This is about three to five servings, depending on how generous you are. Compared with fresh pasta, this is a good price, but those used to stocking up on the value products (tuna pasta student days) will feel a little sting in the back pocket. If pasta is something you’ve given up, 85p is nothing to have it back in your life.

The macro test: high protein pasta

The recommended serving size is 75g uncooked, or 175g cooked, which provides 271 calories, with 16.8g of protein, 45.6g of carbohydrates and 1.4g of fat. A normal portion of fusilli would contain around 270 calories, with 9.4g of protein, 54.8g of carbohydrates, and 1.1g of fat.

The striking difference is more in the carbs than in the protein, but calories for calories, you will get the same energy boost.

Editor’s opinion: protein pasta

Tesco’s high protein pasta is a more affordable savoury protein product to many currently on the market. It doesn’t provide quite the same level of protein, but it is tastier, and the lower protein means you can be more creative with meat and fish toppings.

I give this product a 4.5/5 and would recommend anyone buy it.

Sample recipe: Quark protein pasta

I made this in one batch for three lunches. If you don’t get as much chance to snack as I do (all day) then you will want to increase the pasta portion accordingly.

150g protein pasta
150g sweetcorn
200 broccoli
50g Quorn bacon lardons
150g quark, low-fat soft cheese

Cook the pasta and veg, and strain the water. Fry the Quorn bacon lardons (definitely would use more of these next time). Then combine with the quark while it’s still hot. I added some pepper and dried basil to taste before dishing into three Tupperware boxes. Pretty tasty!


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