SEO Fightback: Two Week Update

There has been a pick up in visits to the site since I started the SEO Fightback series two weeks ago. Today I want to share with you those results. Its not amazingly huge, but its a start.

In the series so far I have done two things:

a) Speed.
b) Site redesign using Genesis (which currently I haven’t written about…opps!).

You can read about what I did regarding improving site speed and the site resigned using Genesis (coming soon) if you want.

But, getting back on track, I want to share with you these results from just two weeks.

The results

Here is my Google Analytics profile for the year to date.

As you can see the year started well but things started to decline. Which sucks.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 21.14.48

Near the end there is a peak and an increase on the daily visits to ENM.

Ok, lets look at this closer. Below is a view of visits from 1st Oct to 18th Nov.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 21.17.56

What’s noticeable here is that from the 3rd Nov (which is the date I started the SEO Fightback) is an increase of visits to the website.

The change from two weeks since the start of the SEO Fightback is a doubling of traffic to ENM (not bad, not bad at all!).

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