Simply way to enable GZip Compression in .htaccess file on WordPress

Ok, so you want to enable GZip compression in your .htaccess file on your WordPress site. Well, luckily that’s pretty darn straight forward and all you need to do is access your .htaccess file and bang in some code.

To access your .htaccess file you will need (s)ftp access and head to the root folder of your WordPress install (/). Here you will find the .htaccess file.

Before you edit it, it’s best to take an ondemand back up of your theme files and database. Plus, I would recommend copy and pasting the original file code into a separate text or html file so you can quickly change things back without having to do a full site revert.

Then once you have done that, just bung the code below into your WordPress .htaccess file, and the jobs a good’un.

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