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Skimlinks Pros VS Cons

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

πŸ’₯ Published 28 January 2024

Skimlinks Pros VS Cons

So, I have been using Skimlinks for just over two years now, and I thought I would add a Skimlinks Pros VS Cons list. (Don’t forget you can read my Skimlinks Review and why I think that it’s the best thing to happen to affiliate marketing for affiliate marketers since sliced bread.)


Skimlinks Pros VS Cons

Here are 5 pros and 5 cons of using the Skimlinks affiliate kit.

The Pros

  • Easy to Install: To get started on Skimlinks all you need to do is add a bit of code, or if you use WordPress, then you can install and setup the Skimlinks plugin.
  • No Link Management: Hallelujah! Affiliate link management is a pain. Seriously, if you have lots of programs, lots of links, lots of deep links, etc, you will love that Skimlinks gets rid of all that and takes care of all the heavy lifting.
  • Stacks of Affiliate Potential: You don’t need to join or signup to hundreds of affiliate programs or get accepted by hundreds of merchants. Luckily, Skimlinks, does all the hardwork and all you need to do is get linking to the merchants and, as they say, the rest is history.
  • Analytical Tools: I love a good analytics tool. Skimlinks has some great ones built in to help you manage your affiliate clicks (and non-affiliate clicks), revenue, commission, etc. All included free!
  • Some Offers: Skimlinks, is a bigger than you, and therefore can get a better deal sometimes for you on a commission rate. So, that’s nice of them.


The Cons

  • Once-a-Month Payments: If you are used to payment on hitting a threshold or more regular payment schedules then being paid once-a-month may be a bummer.
  • An Extra Bit of Code: The additional of another bit of code, will add to the load time of your website. This is not a problem if you have a lean site, but if you are using an off-the-shelf WordPress theme then this will only add to the clock.
  • Share of the Pie: Skimlinks is great and I love it. It does however take a share of the commission pie when using it. It’s not a lot and to be completely honest, the service is free at point of use, so affiliate marketers (especially beginners) shouldn’t put too much weight on this.
  • Slow Initial Sign Up: Skimlinks does some checks so its not an instant sign up process. It can be slow at times but a little nudge via email or Twitter does the job.
  • Lots of Small Timers: As with most affiliate programs, Skimlinks has a lot of small time merchants. Though not always a bad thing, it would be better to have more of the big timers at Skimlinks.


You guys already know that I love Skimlinks so I’ve tried to be as balanced in this Pros VS Cons list by writing 5 for each without trying to scrap the barrel. Remember to check out my Skimlinks Review.

Oh, and before you go, let me know what you think about Skimlinks by commenting below.


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