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Social Media for Startups

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

💥 Published 28 January 2024

Social Media for Startups

One mistake many startups make is not investing the time and effort into their social media strategy. Social media is an underrated form of digital marketing that many businesses – both established businesses and startups – forget about. The fact of the matter is that social media can work wonders for startup businesses in terms of creating brand recognition, growing a client base and spreading the word about the products and services on offer.

Social media for startups does not have to be a difficult task to handle; with a little know-how and understanding of how social media works in terms of business can go a long way in creating a great social media strategy and achieving social media success.

Social Media for Startups: Tips and Tricks

By following a few simple tips and tricks for social media for startups, anyone can kick start their social media marketing strategy and within no time a business can be on their way to social media success. Social media is a relatively cheap way to advertise and marketing a business and therefore those that do not use it to its advantage are missing out on a budget friendly digital marketing technique.

Little and Often:

The most important thing to remember when focusing on social media for startups is to update little and often. Frequently updating all social media platforms works in a number of different ways; not only does it show that you on top of your social media and are dedicated enough to make the posts, it also keeps followers and fans interested in your account. Many people unfollow businesses on Twitter and unlike them on Facebook because they do not ever update their profiles; posting little and often is far better than updating once a month with a long and lengthy post.

Forget About Sales:

Though the main goal of the majority of startups is to grow their sales and therefore grow the business, remember that the public are not always that interested. Though they care about the company, bombarding them with overly sales-y posts and ‘contact us’ information every day is less than interesting for them. Of course, post occasionally about your products and services, but remember that other users are more likely to engage with you if the posts are funny or informative.

Keep It Varied:

Vary your posts to keep people interested. Posting informative facts, funny anecdotes and interesting photos are all proven ways to keep your social media content interesting. Varied posts are more likely to be shared and sharing equals more followers and fans.

Work Across Platforms:

Ensure you are focusing on a number of different platforms: simply sticking to Facebook is unlikely to grow your social media presence in the way you want. With so many different social media platforms available it is helpful to utilize them all. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are popular with most startups but others also benefit from Instagram and Pinterest, especially if products are available or there are photos to share.

Promos and Offers:

A great way to encourage other social media users to engage with your startup is by offering competitors, offers and promotions. Free giveaways or discount codes will work to draw individuals from your social media account and towards your website and once on your website, it is more likely they will contact you about what you have to offer.

Keep On Top of Comments:

With social media for startups comes the responsibility of keeping up to date with comments and messages. It is important to engage with other users and answer any questions they may have; it is a great way to show off your customer service skills and it highlights just how on the ball you are with your customers needs.

Embrace Negativity:

It is inevitable that at some point with social media for startups a bad review or negative comment will appear. Rather than shying away or even deleting this from view – embrace it. Replying the negativity or review with an explanation or offer of help not only keeps that one customer happy, but it shows others that it something was to go wrong you are more than happy to help to rectify the problem.

As you can see from the above, social media for startups is big business. With a good social media strategy in place and a dedicated team member to keep up to date with all it involves, it can do wonders for even the smallest of startups. Whether you go down the professional and corporate social media route or a more lighthearted and fun route, with a little bit of hard work and time a startup’s social media presence can grow and brand recognition can increase; reap the rewards of social media for startups.


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