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Crawling back to Spotify from a short fling with Apple Music

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

💥 Published 28 January 2024

Crawling back to Spotify from a short fling with Apple Music

This is the short post about my break up with Spotify, to jump in bed with Apple Music, then to regret that decision in less than 24 hours.

Yes, this post is satirical but 100% true. Let’s say it’s an ode to the music industry’s love-heat relationship with human relationships, specifically breakups.

The Spotify breakup.

Me and my Spotify Premium account were best of friends. Never a bad day. Always playing the best music and lots and lots of cheesy that nobody ever admits too. It was all going so well until one fateful news article.

You Can’t Do Squat About Spotify’s Eerie New Privacy Policy‘.

In summary, Spotify wanted to know a lot more about me than I was willing to let it know.

You know that awkward part in any relationship where the other person wants to know your past. Spotify went too far and kept digging.

Eventually, it dug itself into a hole and for me, it was time to go our separate ways. I cancelled my premium account, which still had about 20 days to run, deleted the app from my MacBook Pro and my iPhone.

Apple Music flirts its 3-month free trial.

There were a few tears after the breakup of me and Spotify. I thought long and hard about all the playlists we made together and all the artists we discovered. But, soon enough my thoughts turned to the new tech on the block, Apple Music.

I thought the fit was perfect, straight from the off. Apple Music fitted well with my love for Apple’s high-quality tech.

Apple Music threw me a bone and offered me a completely free no obligation 3-month free trial.

Who could say no?!

Not me. So I jumped straight in and signed up online.

Me and Apple Music, getting to know each other.

So once I had signed up, Apple Music wanted me to open my iTunes account my Macbook Pro.

I was a little bit gutted straight from the off. It turns out Apple Music is just stuck on the side of iTunes (which I have zero love for).

I looked beyond the Apple Music/iTunes thing and dove straight in to try to import my music from Spotify to Apple Music.

Turns out that at the moment, and for the foreseeable future, that this is no easy feat.

For now either you need to download some free dodgy looking software, pay for a premium export/import application, or you have to say goodbye to those finely cultivated Spotify playlists.

I took a deep breath and decided that it was not worth parting with any cash while me and Apple Music got to know each other so starting from scratch was the only viable option.

The Apple Music fling comes to an end.

Disaster struck and it was bad news for me and Apple Music.

Turns out that Apple Music on iTunes is really slow. (A big reason why I don’t like iTunes).

Not jus that but it is really unintuitive to find the tracks you like and add them to playlists. (Another reason I don’t like iTunes).

Clicking tracks to play them was more effort than it needed to be. You have to click the play icon in the tiny album cover rather than just being able to click the track.

The final nail in the coffin, was that Apple Music, even when you are paying for it, you can still easily click and buy the tracks. Unfortunately, this lead me to some close call accidental purchases where I thought that was the play button.

The big problem really is that it was not Spotify. I am used to Spotify. It has all my playlists and I know how it works.

Back to Spotify.

After a very short fling with Apple Music, I was back restarting my premium Spotify subscription.

The good news is that Spotify’s boss has said Sorry.


This is just my own honest opinion of my time using Apple Music during the 3-month free trial. You may have a different experience of Apple Music so it’s worth trying it out while the Apple Music 3-month free trial offer is still on. If Apple Music ever decides to work on and fix those issues that I had then I am willing to give it another try.

I do love Apple, for their innovation and high-quality hardware. I have just ordered myself a new iMac.

On the other hand, their software seems to sometimes let the side down. Last year’s release of Yosemite was also a major disaster which corrupted my Macbook Pro and took 5 days of to-ing and fro-ing to eventually end up back at Mavericks.


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