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Bite the Bullet: Start your own company in 2014

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

💥 Published 28 January 2024

Bite the Bullet: Start your own company in 2014


Guest post by Becca from Read more from Becca at ICUK here:

New Year’s Resolutions tend to hinge around the same, formulaic goals for each of us: Lose Weight, Give Up Smoking, Find my Dream Job.

If you’ve resolved this year to find the career that makes you truly happy, you could be missing a great option – becoming your own boss.

At ICUK, we’ve made it incredibly simple to run your own hosting company, and in a matter of hours, you could find yourself set up and ready to go with our white label system.

What is hosting reselling?

As a hosting reseller, you effectively become a virtual hosting company. You can sell packages as you would like to design them, to your own customers, but without the cost and time associated with buying and running your own servers or data centre. At ICUK, we have over 600 resellers who operate successfully as their own small companies providing services to individuals and businesses across the country.

Why should I become a hosting reseller?

Hosting reselling is the perfect addition to your skills portfolio for many industries. Starting up web design or consultancy, as well as digital marketing, go hand in hand with reselling hosting. It’s an obvious choice to package your skills with an affordable and reliable hosting plan for your customers.

It’s also a great stepping stone to go into further reselling. At ICUK, we also offer the chance to become a broadband and telecoms reseller, which can afford you lucrative margins as you beat even BT’s call prices. If you’ve wanted to dip your toe into the water of being your own boss, then hosting reselling is a great way to start.

As a hosting reseller with ICUK, you’ll pay just £20 a month to access our infrastructure and our control panel. After that, everything you make is yours. Signing up just four customers on a very competitive £5 a month means you’ve covered your costs without breaking a sweat.

Interested in becoming a reseller? Check out ICUK’s web hosting and reseller services.


At ICUK, we have designed and developed everything we do in-house, resulting in a one of a kind control panel. We don’t give you the bog standard, off the shelf, third party software – instead, you’ll be able to access a powerful panel which is supported everyday by in-house developers.

More than that, our control panel is completely white label. As a reseller, we know how important it is for you to maintain the utmost professionalism – so every part of the control panel can genuinely be redesigned to match your business branding – your colours, your logos.
There will be no indication to the customer that you are a reseller or that ICUK even exists. And no, we won’t poach your customers – they are yours, not ours.

You’ll provide your own support, your own billing and you do so safe in the knowledge that ICUK are a phone call away, should you need a bit more help or information.

We also offer free training to all our new resellers. Based at our offices here in Purley, South London, training usually lasts around two hours and is always accompanied by tea.

You can find out more about reselling ICUK hosting through our website and blog, and give us a call or drop an email to find out more about becoming a reseller.

Check out ICUK’s web hosting and reseller services at


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