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Tsohost vs Godaddy vs 123Reg vs 1and1

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‚≠ź Updated 28 January 2024

ūüí• Published 28 January 2024

Tsohost vs Godaddy vs 123Reg vs 1and1

Hi and welcome to this post about my experience of web hosting companies such as Tso Hosts. You may have had a similar experience, but one thing I have learned so far in the internet services game is that knowledge is power. Plus, getting things right first time will save you money, time and general stress when you stumble over the same problems others before you have met. In this short review, I will explain my honest experience of using these companies and why, ultimately, Tsohost, in my opinion is one of the best internet hosting companies in the world not just in the UK. But before I start please check out the savings you can get when you use promotional code TENTSO at Tsohost.

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I get no joy out of criticising companies or services without them having the chance to reply to my issues. However, many web designers, web developers, businesses, and people looking for a reliable and trustworthy web hosting company with excellent customer support will find the internet riddled with differing opinions Рmaking the process more complicated than it needs to be.

In this blog post, I will walk you through my experience with 3 of the biggest web hosting companies: Godaddy, 123Reg, and 1and1. I will then talk about my web hosting provider: Tso Hosts and why I thoroughly recommend them. My experience of their control panel, support, setting up a website, their services, and their price structure.

Experience of Web Hosting Companies

I have had a good few relationships with web hosting companies in my time. I have dealt with the big companies which are all about cut-price services and large economies of scale, notably, Godaddy, 123Reg, and 1and1. The issue I had with these, although they were cheap to set up, either with extensive promotion codes or weekly sales, there were issues with hosting multiple websites on their shared hosting accounts, the quality of their customer service, and the sheer lack of support.


A problem I met was with adding multiple websites via their shared hosting. You would have to leave it over 48 hours between adding the domain and installing the Website CMS App. Also, when transferring domains away from Godaddy they insisted on taking over 120 hours to process everything. When you are transferring¬†someone’s small¬†business website and it is down for over 5 days, this impacts¬†severely¬†on their income. Another issue I have with Godaddy is their excessive use of promotional codes. Yes, they give you great value to start, but when it comes to renewal time, unless you can find a 40% off coupon, the price creeps up! In my opinion of Godaddy, they are a false economy. Plus if you live in the UK, then having a US based server is not a good idea, it does affect SEO and your websites are slow.

1) Affects SEO for UK-based websites.
2) Issues when adding more than one website on shared hosting.
3) Support has been generally slow and unhelpful.
4) Excessive use of promotions – too much marketing, not enough quality.
5) Slow websites.


My experience with 123Reg has been through my freelance web design clients. Visually they lost my custom in the first place as they look too childish and do not have the looked of a trusted business. Their domain system and hosting control panel were overly complicated compared to Godaddy’s. I found this tremendously annoying when forwarding domains and installing multiple websites on a premium shared hosting account.

1) Visually, not a business focussed web hosting company.
2) Overly complicated domain and hosting control panel.


I have had the not so pleasurable experience of 1and1. In my opinion they have an awful control panel which confuses both myself and clients who have attempted to set things up for themselves. The in-house email mailboxes offered by 1and1 were atrocious, non-functional, not user-friendly,  and they contain a setting which blocks all incoming emails (something which more than one of my clients have accidentally changed and have lost all their incoming mail). 1and1 support was long-winded and unclear.

1) Support was terrible.
2) 1and1 mailboxes were non-functional.
3) Awful control panel design.

Tsohost: My Web Hosting Company of Choice

After years of dealing with web hosting companies which offered little else than cheap domains and cheap web hosting. It started to affect my business and clients because the services they offered were not up to scratch. I then began some research to find a new smaller reliable UK-based web hosting company. I stumbled upon Tso Hosts, a branch of the Paragon Internet Group, a company which seemed to have a near perfect customer service support record and amazing reviews from all their customers. After a bit more research into Tso Hosts, a cloud-based UK web hosting company, I then took the plunge and signed up for their services.

Tsohost Control Panel: The control panel, in my opinion, is one of the best I have seen. It is beautifully designed and simple. There are two panels Рone based at my.toshost which deals with your products and services, and a separate cloud control panel, which is where all your website data is held. I like this split between the two. More control and more security. This can only be a good thing.

Tsohost Support: As with using any new software or company, things are going to be different. In my first 2  months of using Tsohost, I submitted 6 support tickets. They were all answered quickly and efficiently. I felt that my problems were a priority and the team was there to help. The quickest I have had a reply to my support problems was one minute 30 seconds. Now that is quick!

Setting up a website on Tsohost: The control panel is easy to use and uses visuals excellently to help guide you through the many options at your finger tips. Unlike other web hosting companies I have met, this control panel looks complete and the options are not limited. A website app takes about 3 minutes to install and away you go. It is the fastest 1 click install I have seen.

Tsohost Services: The services on Tso Hosts are limited but they are limited for a good reason in my opinion. It is a cloud-based web hosting company, therefore the only options you need are Hosting, Reseller or Cpanel. Virtual Server, Dedicated Server or Cloud. SSL Certification. Domain Registration. Simple and easy to use which a simple soft-limited approach to services Рmeaning you quickly and easily upgrade or downgrade your services to suit your needs.

Tsohost Price Structure: With Domain Hosting from £3.35pa, Web Hosting from £2.99 and SSL Certification for £49.99pa, these services are low enough to tempt anyone away from the big cheap web hosts to this small and reliable company.

Do not take my word for it. Have a look at and see for yourself what this little UK based company can do for you!

If you are looking to sign up with Tso Hosts, you can get a further 10% off your¬†web hosting¬†using Tsohost code “TENTSO”.

Alternatively, use the Tsohost Code “TENTSO” or check out our Tsohost Promotional Code.

All information correct at time of publication.


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