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Vidahost Promo Codes 2023: “HOSTSAVE”, “SSLSAVE” & “VDSSAVE”

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

💥 Published 28 January 2024

Vidahost Promo Codes 2023: “HOSTSAVE”, “SSLSAVE” & “VDSSAVE”

Update: Vidahost has been rolled into it’s parent company Tsohost. You get the same amazing plans and customer service. Check out my Tsohost Review and my Ultimate Tsohost WordPress Comparison for more info. You can use the promo code TSOHOST2021 for 10% off at Tsohost.


Grab the latest Vidahost promo codes, Vidahost coupons and check out my first hand Vidahost review. Below are codes for 10% off Web Hosting, 20% off 20% SSL Certificates, and a big 15% off Premium VDSs.

Vidahost Promo Codes

Save 10% on Web Hosting with HOSTSAVE
Save 20% on SSL Certificates with SSLSAVE
Save 15% on Premium VDSs with VDSSAVE

Video Guide to using Vidahost Promo Codes

I’ve put together this short video guide on using Vidahost promo codes for all three offers: 10% off Vidahost Hosting; 20% off Vidahost SSL Certificates; and 15% off Vidahost VDSs.

Get 10% off Hosting

Vidahost offer a range of cheap web hosting services for clients and I would recommend using Vidahost for those looking to take their first steps with hosting their own website. Firstly because the set up is straightforward, secondly it offers the best price point for basic web hosting needs among the Paragon Internet Group and is very competitive in its industry, and thirdly because it has all the bells and whistles needed for a decent WordPress, Drupal and Joomla website. Starting from £17 per year for the basic package up to £499 per year for their top whack package – you can see the variety and range of packages mean you can get the right package to suit your own needs.

For your basic small website with no search traffic, I would suggest ‘The Basic Package’ which is £17 per year. BARGAIN!

For your medium-sized website with average amounts of search traffic, I would suggest ‘The Medium Package’ which is £59 per year. Another amazing price point.

Need your own server? Then I would suggest the ‘Business+ Hosting’ package which is £499 per year. A great price for your own server!

Use the code 10OFFHOSTVIDA for an exclusive 10% off hosting! With these hosting packages buy annually or biennially to make further savings using your code 10OFFHOSTVIDA for an exclusive 10% off hosting!

Vidahost Discount Codes


Get 20% off SSL Certificates

Safety and security are the top concerns of every single person who enters confidential and personal information in online or for those who make purchases on an eCommerce online shop. SSL Certificates are the best and easiest way to show customers or your readers that your website and online shop is safe to use, interact with and make purchases from. Vidahost offer a superb range of SSL Certificates starting from just £39 per year all the way up to the maximum security enhancement SSL Certificate – the ‘Verisign SecureSite Pro EV’ for £749 per year. With years of experience online I thoroughly recommend websites to buy an SSL Certificate and if you have an online shop it is a necessity to buy one. It helps boost the trust indicators which can help squeeze those valuable conversions on your website.

Basic Certificate (RapidSSL) costs £39 per year.
Geotrust QuickSSL Premium costs £85 per year.
Geotrust RapidSSL Wildcard costs £129 per year.
Trustwave Premium EV SSL costs £199 per year.
Verisign SecureSite Pro costs £469 per year.
Verisign SecureSite Pro EV costs £749 per year.

Use VIDASSL20OFF for an exclusive 20% off SSL Certificates. Please make sure you enter the code at checkout/basket.

Vidahost Coupon Codes


Get 15% off Premium VDSs

Virtual Dedicated Servers are a step up from shared web hosting and cloud web hosting. If you are a web designer, internet services agency, or medium to large online business – I would strongly recommend purchasing your own VDSs to handle your online needs. Vidahost offer a spectacular range of VDSs with a price point starting from just £34 per month to £149 per month. With full support from a technical team ready to help and stability at it hearts – these Virtual Dedicated Servers should be considered for any considerable online investment. Use 15OFFVDSVIDA for an exclusive 15% off Premium Virtual Dedicated Servers.

Vidahost Promotional Code


My First Hand Vidahost Review

This Vidahost Review is perfect for new customers and existing customers looking to join or transfer their website to Vidahost. Established in 2004, Vidahost, which is part of Paragon Internet Group, offers a wide choice of cloud hosting, dedicated server and shared hosting solutions that are suited to both individual needs and business requirements alike. Whether you’ve got a personal webpage or a large-scale e-commerce store, Vidahost has solutions that duly cater to your needs.

Since inception, the UK’s leading web hosting service provider has provided affordable and robust hosting solutions to individuals and businesses both in the UK and across the entire globe. For uptime-critical needs and business sites where speed, performance and uptime are indispensable – the company’s repertoire of cloud hosting solutions strike a perfect balance between reliability, performance and cost. For personal websites, forums or blogs– its range of shared hosting solutions are not only in everyone’s price range but include all the features, add-ons and functions you could need as a site owner.


What Makes Vidahost Different?

Vidahost hosts clients’ websites on its own servers with custom-built features to ensure the finest speed, paramount features, supreme stability, and guaranteed uptime for its clients’ individual websites. As well as giving the company the deserve lead in its various competitions, the strong ability to value customers’ suggestions and feedback helps Vidahost in improving its services and support for customers’ benefit. The network and infrastructure are always fine-tuned and updated with the latest technologies to ensure the best service and performance, along with 14 hours unrivalled support through the customer support centre.

Apart from its affordable pricing, Vidahost makes use of a range of technologies, including various Linux distributions, Solaris, Microsoft Windows, MySQL, MSSQL and more. The use of freely available software, wherever possible, allows for extra feature inclusion, software tweaking, and error fixing for clients. It also allows for easy tailoring of products to customers’ requirements without cooling heels on third-party vendors or requiring complex workarounds.

How Does Vidahost Provide Such a Great Service At Such An Affordable Rate?

Most of the day-to-day business administration at Vidahost web hosting is automated allowing the company to keep its overheads low. The highly skilled technical support team are able to get to the bottom of any issues at the drop of a hat and this saves both Vidahost and its client’s plenty of time. Literally, saving time means saving money, and Vidahost does pass these savings on to its customers! It is uncommon not to experience hidden charges with web hosting companies. The company does not charge any kind of setup fees with its various packages nor does it include any hidden or unnecessary administration charges. As well as long-term sustained growth and the desire to keep all of its customers for life, Vidahost aims to provide leading customer service and clients satisfaction through its industry-leading and affordable web hosting service offerings.

Vidahost Review: Customer Support

All of Vidahost web hosting solutions are well managed, which means if you require technical support assistance on any issue with your web hosting – you can get in touch with the company for free. Compare to other web hosting providers in the UK, the company is available 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365/6 days a year, to provide uninterrupted technical support and sales assistance to clients. You can easily reach its support team by email, free phone, and/or live chat.


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