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What is all the fuss about Matched Betting?

Matched Betting Article


⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

💥 Published 28 January 2024

What is all the fuss about Matched Betting?

I came across matched betting in April when I buddy of mine got into it. It wasn’t until May that I actually tried matched betting for myself. It was June when I thought it was worth trying out a matched betting service that I actually got involved properly.

So, I wanted to write a short article about what exactly all the fuss surround matched betting is.

What’s all the fuss? (We’ve even got a chart!)

Well, I am pretty late on the uptake of matched betting. It’s been around for a number of years now, but over the last few years, it has seen a huge spike in popular appeal. The easiest way to demonstrate this is to actually look at the Google search data for the number of times people actually searched for ‘matched betting’.

For this, I have a Google Trends chart. (Everyone loves a chart!).

trends.embed.renderExploreWidget(“TIMESERIES”, {“comparisonItem”:[{“keyword”:”matched betting”,”geo”:”GB”,”time”:”2004-11-03 2016-12-01″}],”category”:0,”property”:””}, {“exploreQuery”:”date=2004-11-03%202016-12-01&geo=GB&q=matched%20betting”,”guestPath”:””});

The chart basically shows the number of searches from 2004 to 2016. See the gradual increase then a massive surge in around 2013. We are talking millions of searches in the UK.

Nearer to the end, it’s starting to tail off, but I think that’s just a momentary stagnation, as the overall trend is upwards.

What have the media said about it?

Some big news outlets and websites have talked and continue to talk about matched betting. Here’s what 2 household names have said:

“Free bets mean you can clean up as bookies meet their match” –

“Is this a bet you can’t lose?” –

So, what is all the fuss around matched betting?

It’s simply that matched betting is an easy way to make extra crash. After the financial crash of 2008, things have got a lot harder for a lot of people, so ways to make extra cash have become more popular. Matched betting is helping to fill that gap.


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