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What Makes a Good Website for a Business?

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

πŸ’₯ Published 28 January 2024

What Makes a Good Website for a Business?

Whether your business has an existing website that needs a revamp or is brand new and is embarking on its first ever website, there are a number of key things to consider. A website is the first thing many people will see of your business and therefore it is important that it is well made, engaging and works well with the brand you are building.

Whatever the business market or type, a website is an important central hub for you to provide information and contact details as well as giving you a chance to sell your business above competitors. It does not matter whether a business is something technological and modern, such as a technical company or mobile phone brand, or is a simpler service such as a local shop or building contractors – it is equally important to develop a well branded website.


What Elements Should a Good Website Have?

A good website should provide the entire package to a customer and should appeal to both new customers and those that are existing and have a history with your business. When deciding what makes a good website for a business, redesigning an existing website or starting from scratch be sure your website includes:

  • A contact form – Without a contact form it can be difficult for users to contact you and many would rather send a quick email than calling your directly. A contact form is not only beneficial to the user but is also a great way to manage incoming leads and queries.
  • Call to action buttons – These encourage people to get in touch and are placed throughout the website. Every businessperson knows that though interest in the business is good, it is leads and sales than keep the company running. Similarly, users on your website are good in terms of brand recognition and SEO but unless they are contacting you it means very little for sales.
  • Logos and branding – Every business website should have a fully branded theme and logos throughout the website; this will create brand recognition and most of all looks official and respectable.
  • Links to social media accounts – Encouraging people to interact with you on social media creates yet another method of communication and advertising. Placing link buttons on the website takes a user from the page they are on to Facebook, Twitter or another social media platform.

What Pages Should a Good Website Have?

The type of website and business you have will depend on the web pages required for a website. For example, property development companies are likely to need gallery pages of previous projects whereas an e-commerce website will need pages of stock and delivery information. When looking at what makes a good website there are some standard pages that should be included across the board, on all websites. These include:

  • About Us – An About Us or About Me page is the perfect way to introduce people to who you are and what you do. This pages should provide a brief history of the company, some information about what the company does as well as encouraging potential customers that you are the company for them – this can be done in the form of β€˜Why Choose Us?’ or showing your high standard of customer care.
  • Services – If your business provides services it is important to list and explain them on a dedicated page. Fully expressing exactly what it is you do will encourage people to contact you as they know that you provide what they are looking for.
  • Blog – A blog can be a useful page in two ways and can be implemented on any website regardless of the type of business or services offered. A blog or news section is a great way to keep visitors up to date with the business, changes, new staff, promotions, offers and even relevant media news; but also it can help SEO. Blog articles can be focused on a specific keyword and updated as regularly as you want which is great for increasing search rankings.
  • Contact Us – As mentioned above, a contact form is key and should be placed on a Contact Us page. Additionally, a contact page should also include easy to understand information about where you are based shown via a map, and how to contact you.

As seen above, though there are any number of different types of website the majority will be built on the same foundation pages and include many of the same elements. This is due to them all working to create a user friendly, easy to navigate and understand website. All in all, a good website must be easy to use on mobile desktop and mobiles and must provide users with the information they need to decide whether you are the business for them.


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