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Where to buy WordPress themes?

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

πŸ’₯ Published 28 January 2024

Where to buy WordPress themes?

There are many places to get free or premium WordPress themes and that is down to one simple thing. The sheer size of the community of WordPress site owners and their demand for beautiful, powerful and effective themes. You first should check out Themeforest and the Genesis WordPress themes.


Where to buy WordPress themes?

Finding the perfect WordPress theme couldn’t be easier. There are thousands of premium WordPress themes available all over the web. From anything for a simple blog, to a business website, to a creative portfolio, to a luxury online shop.

As there are so many choice it can be quite a daunting process so here is a walk through of the best places to buy WordPress themes.

Themeforest WordPress themes

First port of call should be Themeforest. This is by far the best marketplace for WordPress themes.

Website Templates - WordPress Themes - ThemeForest

Genesis WordPress themes

If you want to start creating your own site or want a site built on the worlds best theme framework then choose Genesis.

Genesis Framework by StudioPress

Danger of some free WordPress themes

There are many places to pick up a ‘free’ WordPress theme but usually there is a catch. Sometimes this is a harmless backlink to their website in the footer of your free WordPress theme, which is fine as you are crediting the work of someone else who has done all the work creating the site for free.

Not all free WordPress themes are safe to use. Some free WordPress themes have been known to have purposefully dodgy code, and some of the reasons they do this is to:

  • Link back to their site to boost their SEO
  • Create a backdoor to your site to break entry
  • Download viruses and malicious code
  • Steal data and information
  • The trusted source of free WordPress themes

    If you are looking for free WordPress themes then the only place we can recommend is

    WordPress β€Ί Free WordPress Themes


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