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Why do I use ManageWP?

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

💥 Published 28 January 2024

Why do I use ManageWP?

ManageWP. It is a revolution in WordPress site management. As a WordPress designer and developer I am constantly looking to find tools and software to make managing all my clients easier. I will get to why ManageWP is the best management software on the market in a bit but for now let me explain why all other WordPress tools and software packages could be seen as obsolete. In this explanation I am not going to bullshit you about how cheap ManageWP. It is a plain and honest explanation.


ManageWP – The competition is obsolete?

This is a bold statement and if you just do a simple search for WordPress management tools you will come up with an array of internal plugins and external management programs. Over the years I have had a rocky relationship with ManageWP. At one point I thought that the cost was too much to bear and an added burden on my profit margins but then each time I saw sense and came back. Yes I have left ManageWP three times in the past and now I am back for good? but why? It is simple. I searched high and low for a cheaper or free version or collaboration of tools which I needed. Yes I did actually manage to find 8 different plugins which did the job. BUT, they bloated each of my developments (this just wouldn’t do!). Next I looked for relevant code which would help manage all the different areas of the websites. I found some code but again it didn’t speed up my developments. Overall the time looking for a similar package, which was cost effective, decreased development time and everything I would need under one roof, was in fact futile.

ManageWP – Why am I back? Back for good this time!

It is simple really. I actually sat down and did some number crunching. I worked out the cost of ManageWP against the increased development time, the extra time I had to put in during the quiet periods, and all of the extra hassle it was. The result was that I was wasting time, wasting money and being stupid constantly moving from ManageWP. Yes, ManageWP is not the cheapest thing out there but it does everything I need and more. That is why I am back for good. I have finally connected the last of my website developments to ManageWP and with their Business package I can sit back and let ManageWP take the strain.

ManageWP – The Free Trial, Packages & Plans

ManageWP actually offers a free service up to 5 websites plus for your first 14 days you get to trial the Business package. I think the business package is the best companion any WordPress developer can have!


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