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Why I love digital campaigning

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

πŸ’₯ Published 28 January 2024

Why I love digital campaigning

Digital campaigning. Political, third-sector, and all other forms of digital campaigning are close to my heart. That is why Elect will expand it’s current digital offering and now include digital campaigning articles, opinion and news.

For this short post I thought I’d express why digital campaigning is a great tool. Digital, unlike traditional campaigning, can reach millions of people with a single click of a button.

Traditional campaigning techniques such as knocking doors, holding stalls, organising rallies, delivering leaflets, making calls, etc, are effective. They are tried and tested ways to approach, target, persuade, organise and activate a group of people. But they are extremely time-consuming tools in a campaigners toolkit.

Digital on the other hand is very time efficient.

Yes, data gathering, data profiling, data targeting and digital production are just as time consuming as traditional techniques. There is one big difference. The delivery of digital campaigning can be instantaneous. You can send an email to street, to a city, to a country in one click of your mouse.

Another huge positive is social sharing, social signals and social word of mouth. Where traditional campaigning lacks quality control over word-of-mouth, digital campaigning does not suffer the same issue. That way the message, whether it’s a photo, a tweet, a website, or a video, the content is replicated perfectly and shared almost instantaneously across social networks.

That’s two of an endless list why digital tools should be in the toolkit of any serious campaigner. Digital will not replace traditional campaigning techniques but it will enhance every aspect of them.

Reach more people and create better interactions with digital campaign tools alongside your traditional arsenal. That’s why I love digital campaigning.

Just one caveat. Digital campaigning leaves a lasting digital footprint for all to see.


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