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The Ultimate WPEngine Discount Code and Review

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

💥 Published 28 January 2024

The Ultimate WPEngine Discount Code and Review

Welcome to our ultimate WPEngine discount code and review article. If you are new to WPEngine, then you’re in the right place. As the title says there are two distinct sections: (1) the WPEngine discount code and (2) the WPEngine review.

We have been using WPEngine alongside our old faithful cloud hosting supplied by Tsohost for about three months now, and we wanted to give you the heads up on our first-hand experience. FYI, this site is hosted by WPEngine and as you can see it’s blisteringly fast and secured by an SSL certificate.

WPEngine Discount Code

We currently can bring you one amazing discount code from WPEngine, and this is a massive 40% off personal, professional and business annual plans. Plus you get two months free as well. That makes for total savings of 50%. Half Price WPEngine, what’s not to love about that.

WPEngine Review

WPEngine is hosting for your WordPress site/s and is managed by a team of WordPress experts. It is different to traditional hosting and cloud hosting in that everything WPEngine does is all about boosting the experience of WordPress. It’s best to think of it as the different between a family hatchback and a formula one car. Yes, there both cars, but the formula one car has far greater performance than that of the family hatchback.


What does WPEngine do?

WPEngine is a managed WordPress host. They take all of the fuss out of optimising your WordPress hosting to make it fast, secure and scalable.

What does WPEngine offer?

WordPress hosting. They offer just one service but that one service comes with all the aspects to make it one of the most comprehensive WordPress hosting packages available. That includes managed servers, CDN (available for free on certain plans), SSL (an extra charge per install), site security scans and firewall protection, a staging environment, Evercache technology, daily and on-demand backups, and 1-click restore.

There are more, but those are the core offer that will probably matter to about 90% of WordPress sites. It is quite an offering as well. For WordPress owners, webmasters and managers, having all of this in one neat and optimised packages is a dream come true.

How much does WPEngine cost?

As I said earlier, WPEngine offers just one service, but that service comes in five plans to cater for a wide range of needs. The personal plan is the basic option that offers 1 install at $29 per month, the professional plan caters for 10 installs at $99 per month, the business plan caters for 25 installs at $249 per month, the premium plan caters for 150 installs from $600 per month, and lastly the enterprise plan caters for 150 installs as well from $3200 per month.

As you can see the basic option, the personal plan, isn’t cheap at $29 per month for one install. But the reality is you pay for what you get, and you get quality here at WPEngine. WPEngine is not for everyone. If you have a basic site then you may want low-cost hosting (then you can’t go wrong with cloud hosting from Tsohost) but if you’re concerned with your digital presence then you can’t go wrong with WPEngine.

We currently use the professional plan at $69 month due to a plan to slowly migrate client sites to WPEngine but as we bring more sites into the fold we will be pushing up the scale.

The main benefits of the professional plan over the personal plan is that you get the CDN free and 9 additional sites at a much cheaper rate. The rule of thumb here is that the more sites you have the lower cost per site.

When making up your mind what plan to choose it’s worth using the comparison tool on the prices page. It’s worthwhile to understand the supplementary costs with the personal plan over the professional and business plans. Also, that SSL certificates cost $49 per year per install (and trust me this is worthwhile getting on every single site regardless of type).

One thing I will say is that if we had a second chance we would have gone straight in for an annual business account using a WPEngine discount code. We could have saved a lot more than we did, oh well.

WPEngine Prices

Our first-hand experience

From our first three months of using WPEngine, we have been more than pleasantly surprised. We already had a fantastic host in Tsohost, but WPEngine for us took WordPress hosting to a whole new level. That’s not to say that we still don’t recommend Tsohost, we do, but they cater for different needs within our business. Like at the beginning we likened WPEngine to a formula one car, well Tsohost, our other hosting provider, is the family hatchback that we use as our second car. (As you know, you can’t take the kids to school in a Ferrari F1 car.)

We’ve been pleasantly surprised because of the fantastic expert customer service and the effect WPEngine has had on our WordPress site.

WPEngine: Speed, SSL and SEO

Now for us as a digital services company, we need to make sure that our client sites are secure, searchable and speedy. Luckily, all three of these work together.

When it comes to making your site secure an SSL certificate is a necessity rather than a luxury. Why? Because any data submitted on your domain whether on a contact form or login form gets sent in plain text if you don’t have an SSL. With an SSL that data is encrypted which offers you a layer of protection for you and your users. If you have an e-commerce site, whether you’re accepting payments on your site or not, you need (in most cases, legally) to have an SSL.

There is one other major benefit to using an SSL cert and that’s all about SEO. Google now gives sites a ranking boost when they use an SSL certificate. Google wants their users to visit secure sites, so they use the old carrot method of offering a benefit to webmasters to make that change. Google gets happy searchers, you get happy visitors and better rankings, and the visitors get a secure connection. Win-win-win.

SSL certificates are $49 per year per install on WPEngine, and you order for a specific install, WPEngine pretty much do the rest, and after the install you just make a few changes. Job done, and your site is that little bit more secure.

Talking about SEO another major ranking factor in the Google Algorithm is about site speed. Google wants their searchers to have a good user experience. Fast sites are conducive to a good user experience, so Google wants webmasters to speed up their sites. As a bonus, like with the SSL ranking factor above, they give you a ranking boost for doing so.

WPEngine offers an inbuilt CDN on their professional and business plans (and as well on the other more costly plans) however, there is a charge of $19.95 per month. Regardless of the cost to be completely honest, if you’re serious about maximising the impact of your WordPress site, then you need to be using a CDN anyways.

A CDN is a super fast way of delivery images and code to your visitors from the cloud. It works and its fast. So with the CDN activated on your WPEngine site you are setup for blistering speeds (but you should also try to optimise the code and images on your site too, to get those extra speed gains.)

WPEngine Speed

UK Server location (Oh, US and Japan are available too!)

This may not be a massive issue for lots of people, but you can select the location of the data centre. The options are US, UK and Japan. Having the option of a UK data centre from a US company is good for UK webmasters and UK visitors as there is a slight speed boost when your data centre is near the majority of your visitors. The less distance the data needs to travel (even if only split seconds) the faster the site.

WPEngine customer service

I think customer service is one of the most important parts of web hosting. If you have a brilliant host but poor customer service then when things go wrong, and the reality is that they always will do, then you are stuffed.

Over the last few months we contacted customer support many times (sorry guys for that!) but every single time the responses have not only been attentive, but the replies that require an expert response, have been given an expert response. Having rounded WP experts as part of the WPEngine package is a massive boost to your site and sanity. I know there have been times when having a customer service operative with expert knowledge about the hosting they provide and the package they support has been lacking with, let’s just say, the bigger players on the domain registration and hosting scene.

The sorts of things we have contacted WPEngine support about covers: hacked sites, spam, SSL installations, CDN, optimising site for speed, and search and replace.

When it comes to customer service and support WPEngine gets a big five stars.

System and Server Status

For anyone wanting to check the status of the WPEngine servers and systems to see if they’re offline or fully operational then you can check out the WPEngine status site at It is well worth subscribing to updates via that link to get the latest updates direct to your inbox.

The benefits of using WPEngine

The main benefit of WPEngine is peace of mind. Well, that’s what I think anyway. As I need our client sites to perform I need a host that can perform. WPEngine does that for us and so I can focus on the other parts of making the websites better and growing our business.

I recommend WPEngine as one of the best and most comprehensive expertly managed WordPress hosts on the web today. If you’re serious about your site, about your visitors experience and about your sanity, then you need WPEngine. Hope this WPEngine review is useful and don’t forget to use the WPEngine discount code above for those extra savings.

Check out WPEngine now.


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  1. Hey Dougie, I read your post a couple of weeks ago about WPEngine and was looking forward to seeing the full review. I think you’ve convinced me but before I take the plunge I’ve got just one question. Does the SSL and CDN work together on WPEngine? I know that some CDNs don’t work terribly well with SSL certs. Thanks, Danny.

    • Hi Danny. Eager! That’s a super quick reply and I really appreciate reaching out to me about WPEngine and the sentiments regarding the review. In terms of your question, yes, SSL and CDN work seamlessly together on WPEngine. One caveat though, you will have to contact support to get them to enable the CDN SSL beta function to an install with an active WPEngine SSL. Currently looks as though support is in beta for this but it works perfectly great for me so no concerns whatsoever. Hope that helps.

      • Great, thanks Dougie. Will use the coupon provided as well and let you know how I get on. Danny.

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