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Affiliate Marketing: Success and Failure?

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

πŸ’₯ Published 28 January 2024

Affiliate Marketing: Success and Failure?

I have been dabbling in affiliate marketing for the past 5 months. In this time my understanding of niche affiliate marketing has grown exponentially. I have three simple tips for anyone who wants to start affiliate marketing or is has just begun. These are the 100% honest tips which could mean success or failure.

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1) Find a niche. I think this is pretty simple. If you are just starting out your website will be unable to compete against website with greater authority. At best you will hit the bottom of the first page and on most cases you will end up ranked 30 in the SERPs. So finding a niche is going to give you that edge. It takes a lot of work but it does pay off! It just takes time to find multiple niches and maximise your potential.

2) Find a new company. The market is packed with millions of companies, websites and individuals looking to make some extra cash through affiliate marketing. Therefore you can give yourself a chance in the market by looking for new companies which offer great products and great service at a great price. The last thing you want to do is promote a new company which offers sub-standard products and services. To give yourself the best chance of securing affiliate income from new companies is to actually have experience of their services. It gives you something to review and recommend.

3) Do your research. Research, research, research. I am not going to reveal my research skills – that would be pretty silly. But I can give you a few bits of advice. Firstly do your keyword research, analyse the competitive words and the words which could provide good rankings. Secondly, find ranking software to give you an insight to how difficult to rank for those keywords will be. Finally write readable and optimised content.

These are my preliminary tips for success or failure in affiliate marketing. That’s it for now. Good luck.


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