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Affiliate Revenue: 3 tips to earn extra income online

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‚≠ź Updated 28 January 2024

ūüí• Published 28 January 2024

Affiliate Revenue: 3 tips to earn extra income online

Affiliate Revenue: 5 tips to earn extra income online. My bread and butter trade is web design and internet marketing but as with all types of self-employed work you have busy periods and quieter periods. I have noticed in my years in this industry that web design work and internet marketing work almost has a seasonal cycle and so keeping your skills sharp you need to keep grafting away Рmaking work for yourself to build that experience. With this constant process of learning the ever changing algorithms of the Search Engines and how this will affect the sites you have built and the sites you will build and keeping on top of the latest trends and developments it can be a struggle to keep this company turning over and growing.

I have found that imparting knowledge is a great way to develop your thinking and also earn a few poundnotes in exchange for this valuable assest – knowledge is power. Basically I mean affilate marketing – recommending companies and services you trust to your customers, readers and visitors in return for cash. It is a form of paid word-of-mouth and has been an amazing earner for very big companies for many many years.

So bringing in this Affiliate Revenue can be a hard won process but once you get the hang of it the trickling in of affiliate revenue should be more than able to pay for your hosting, your company overheads, or even provide you with a comfortable income. So I will impart some of my knowledge to help you get started. Here are my Affiliate Revenue: 5 tips to earn extra income:


  • Affiliate Revenue: Only recommend the services and companies you use and trust. In my opinion it is your own personal experience of these services and companies which make the real difference. Anyone can write an article about¬†Affiliate¬†Window (my¬†preferred affiliate network)¬†but it is the knowledge, experience and opinion which helps people to see themselves in your shoes. At the end of the day if you know what you are talking about then this will come across and hopefully help your conversion rate.
  • Affiliate Revenue: Sign up to a trusted¬†affiliate¬†network. I recommend Affiliate Window as I use them to earn the extra affiliate revenue and I have had no issues with them and they have always been quick to help regardless of the questions. The reason a good and reliable affiliate network should be chosen is because you do not want to go ahead do all this extra work, earn the click-throughs and conversions, and then not get paid your dues.
  • Affiliate Revenue: Do your research. That means SEO research. There is no point trying to get organic search engine traffic for ‘Apple¬†Voucher Codes’ if you are just starting out. You need to find a niche, research it and target it. One article/page based around one keyphrase. For example this article is based around the keyphrase:¬†Affiliate¬†Revenue. Make sure your keyphrase is at the beginning of your article title, make sure it is repeated in the content and make sure it is in the meta-description.


Here is Affiliate Window, my preferred affiliate network. I thoroughly recommend joining their affiliate program as you have access to a few thousand businesses, promotional codes and great affiliate revenue earning potential!



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