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The Benefits of Digital Marketing

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

💥 Published 28 January 2024

The Benefits of Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing has quickly grown in popularity and more and more businesses are looking to digital marketing to help their business achieve success. With traditional marketing proving costly and difficult to track, the benefits of digital marketing are obvious.

Digital marketing is not simply for big corporations or businesses that have online products or services; digital marketing is about spreading the word about your business, growing your brand recognition and generating more and more leads.

Whether you are a brand new start-up with no online presence, or are an existing business that is new to the web world, there are a number of benefits of digital marketing that will work in your favour.

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Digital Marketing: Benefits For Your Business

As a business, you are already aware of the amount of competition you have for clients and customers. Fighting to have the cheapest prices, the best special offers and services like no others will set you aside from competitors for a short while, but inevitably they will catch up and you will be back to square one. Traditional marketing, though tried and tested, is not enough to ensure your marketing works. Digital marketing is vast, endless and has a number of different benefits.

1. Digital marketing can be tracked

The major downfall with traditional marketing is that it is hard to track how well it is working; flyers, brochures and billboard advertising can bring in business but it is nearly impossible to directly correlate new enquiries with the type of marketing that brought it in. Was it your flyer distribution or maybe your advertisement in a local paper? It is hard to know. However, one of the main benefits of digital marketing is that it can be tracked.

PPC advertising, email marketing and SEO can all be set up to track the enquiries that come in via that medium; this allows you to see what type of digital marketing is working, what is not and amend your budget accordingly. For example if you are only spending £100 per month on Google AdWords and £250 per month on email marketing, but Google AdWords is bringing in more enquiries or leads, it may be beneficial to split the budget in light of this.

2. Digital marketing can be affordable

Digital marketing can be affordable and tailored to your budget. SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing budgets can range from £100 per month right through to a couple of thousands of pounds per month depending on the type of business and your budget. There is no set cost for digital marketing and it can be tailored to suit your budget. Additionally, elements such as social media management and content creation can be done in-house by your existing marketing team and can often be done for next to nothing in comparison to costly traditional marketing avenues.

3. Digital marketing works globally

Whereas traditional marketing is limited to specific areas, digital marketing can be done worldwide. Flyers, posters, advertising and billboards are all only going to be seen by people in your local area and it is hard to attract the attention of those that are further afield. However, a key benefit of digital marketing is that it does not have this problem. Websites, social media platforms and online articles can be viewed worldwide; this opens up your potential customer base and helps your business to grow it’s brand recognition online.

4. Digital Marketing is fair

Digital marketing can work for any business, of any size and any location; it is a level playing field. Small start-up companies can compete with much larger businesses for the top spot and budget allowing, there is little stopping them eventually reaching the same success. If you have a well designed, professional digital marketing strategy in place you have all the tools a larger company does.

5. Digital marketing can be measured in real time

With digital marketing it is possible to immediately see the results of your efforts and this can show you whether your hard work is paying off. Social media posts can be measured to see how many people have viewed them, comments are immediate and tools such as Google Analytics can provide real time information of how many people are visiting your website.

Though beginning digital marketing can seem complex and daunting, with so many different options available, implementing it into your marketing strategy and budget can benefit your business hugely. The benefits of digital marketing are obvious and once the time has been taken to assess the digital marketing elements that will work for you, the benefits of digital marketing will work to help your business.

Though digital marketing can be carried out by anyone, it is advised to seek the professional help of digital marketing experts when first starting out, as their inside knowledge and insight will help you to know what will and will not work for you.


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