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Top 5 Best WooCommerce Themes 2013

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

πŸ’₯ Published 28 January 2024

Top 5 Best WooCommerce Themes 2013

These are the hands down top 5 Best WooCommerce Themes 2013. No need to hold your breath here they are from No.5 to No.1 of the Best WooCommerce Themes 2013.


No.5 – Flashlight WooCommerce Theme

Price: $55.00
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Coming in as the 5th Best WooCommerce Theme of 2013 is Flashlight. This theme has sold over 4,250 copies and has atleast 500 comments and support queries from a growing user base. This is the ultimate gallery WooCommerce theme in this list so if you are looking to sell graphics, photos, e-books, digital downloads or even a product that needs a beautiful theme for your product’s beautiful graphics then you are on to a winner with the Flashlight WooCommerce theme.

No coding required for this theme and a great selection of inbuilt theme options means that the Flashlight WooCommerce Theme is an unparalleled gallery, portfolio and photography selling machine straight out-of-the-box.

At $55.00 this is a steal of a WooCommerce theme. Relevant designer/developer cost would be Β£500-Β£1500 for a theme of this calibre. Top notch through and through. That is why the Flashlight WooCommerce Theme comes in at number 5 on our Top 5 Best WooCommerce Themes 2013.

Flashlight - Best WooCommerce Themes 2013

No. 4 – The Retailer WooCommerce Theme

Price: $55.00
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4th on our list of the Top 5 Best WooCommerce Themes 2013 is the WooCommerce theme The Retailer.

Wow! Not much more can be said about this striking theme. It has everything to help sell all sorts of products from clothing to home-ware to digital downloads. This WordPress WooCommerce theme has been made an instant classic by the ThemeForest community – this is a huge honour for a theme developer and also the credibility of their theme.

Looking at this WooCommerce theme a little closer we can see that it doesn’t just have the looks but also contains stable and powerful functionality that can help turn your simple online store into a powerhouse retailer.

Coming in at $55.00 with over 4,600 sales and over 1500 comments online The Retailer WooCommerce theme is not to be overlooked. The Retailer theme comes in at a strong number 4 on our Top 5 Best WooCommerce Themes 2013 out of 1000s of potential candidates. Good innings.

The Retailer - Best WooCommerce Themes 2013

No. 3 – Bazar Shop WooCommerce Theme

Price: $60.00
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We all know that a Bazar is marketplace in the Middle East but we may not have heard of the Bazar Shop WooCommerce Theme – which is a great shame as this is 3rd on our list of the op 5 Best WooCommerce Themes 2013 and for a good reason.

Unlike the previous WooCommerce themes, Bazar Shop, actually uses the available screen space very well. Less white space and products in prime view. Bazar Shop has been clever here though, as it is all too easy to make a mess of design when trying to maximise product placement. The Bazar Shop WooCommerce Theme does this by using simple design rules that meet usability with all the bells and whistles that make the customer shop for longer which increases the probability of a sell. Good news all round then.

The Bazar Shop WooCommerce theme costs $60.00, slightly more pricey that the above two themes but if maximisation of space is your key decided then this is the WooCommerce theme for you. The Bazar shop theme has sold over an impressive 5300 copies with over 2800 comments. The Bazar Shop theme sits proudly in at number 3 on our list of Top 5 Best WooCommerce Themes 2013. Not so bizarre after all.

Bazar Shop - Best WooCommerce Themes 2013

No. 2 – Maya Shop WooCommerce Theme

Price: $60.00
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Just missing out on the top spot is the Maya Shop WooCommerce theme which comes in at 2nd place on our list of the op 5 Best WooCommerce Themes 2013.

If corporate sleek and business professionalism is the core need of your online store then the Maya Shop WooCommerce Theme hits all the right bells for you. Elegant, sleek and beautiful with a powerful selection of options, the Maya Shop WooCommerce theme is a beast which can take your businesses to new heights.

The homepage of any website is the crux of a deal going sour or money in the bank. Luckily the Maya Shop has 10 default homepage examples for you to use at a click of a button. If you are feeling adventurous then this WooCommerce theme, as with all the themes in this list, you can make something unique with a few shortcodes and clicks of a button.

The Maya Shop WooCommerce theme costs $60.00 with over a staggering 8600 copies sold to date and over 3250 comments made. Your business will be in safe hands with this theme and that is why the Maya Shop theme comes in at number 2 on our list of Top 5 Best WooCommerce Themes 2013. Maya please buy this?

Maya Shop - Best WooCommerce Themes 2013

No. 1 – Kallyas WooCommerce Theme

Price: $55.00
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Our winner is the Kallyas WooCommerce theme! It is not only a breathtaking beauty but has some extremely powerful theme options which can transform your website in to a customers dream.

If you have not viewed this theme yet then please do not hesitate and go and have a look. Words can not describe the brilliance of this ultra-premium WooCommerce theme.

There is not much to say really – it has: 6 homepage styles; fully responsive; a huge shortcode library for customisations; SEO ready; multiple slider types; smart loader for faster page load times; translation ready with WPML and so much more!

At just $55.00 the Kallyas WooCommerce theme will earn back its money in minutes if not seconds. With over 8750 copies sold and over 2750 comments made you know that by buying this theme you will be in good hands and have long term support available at a click of a button.

For the reasons above and many more the Kallyas WooCommerce theme is the winner of our list of Top 5 Best WooCommerce Themes 2013. Sheer perfection of design and development.

Kallyas - Best WooCommerce Themes 2013

Hands Down the Top 5 Best WooCommerce Themes 2013

We hoped you enjoyed our article: Hands Down the Top 5 Best WooCommerce Themes 2013. You can view all these themes on ThemeForest. Our ratings are based on the number of sales in the WordPress WooCommerce category.


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  1. Hi, Dougie.

    Thanks for your post. Unfortunately I don’t agree. I’ve worked with some of the themes on your list, namely Kallyas and Bazar. Based on my experience, they are not even close to being the best. Bazar was difficult to work with, and the documentation is sparse (or non existent for some features).

    I appreciate your work in finding the themes in your post, but you’ve done enough to explain why these themes are hands down the “Top 5 Best” (in your opinion).

    Personally, I would advise any website builder to avoid Bazar themes, because they package premium plugins as part of the theme. Very bad practice IMHO.

    Actually, read this post by Coen Jacobs, lead WooCommerce developer, titled: ”

    Do not buy WordPress themes that bundle premium plugins”. I don’t want to include a link, because this is my first post here.

    Speaking from a website builder’s perspective, I would avoid all the 5 themes you’ve listed here. There are better ones, even on themeforest.

    Thanks again

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