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Want a stake in FreeAgent? Yes, please.

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

💥 Published 28 January 2024

Want a stake in FreeAgent? Yes, please.

Yesterday I got an email from FreeAgent about becoming a shareholder. If you don’t know about FreeAgent yet, and you’re a soletrader or director of a limited company, then you need to go check out our FreeAgent review.

So, FreeAgent are doing an investment round looking to raise a cool million pounds. In return for an investment, you get shares in the company. The shares are valued at £10 per share, so 100 shares is £1000. The equity up for offer is 3.21% for that £1million investment. That values the company at something close to £30million (pre-money £30,177,600).

We’re looking at something like 100,000 shares at 3.21% equity meaning that you will get for every share you purchase a 1/3,000,000 stake in the company. Roughly.

Anyway, for me, a stake in FreeAgent is less about the value of the stake but seeing a company that I value a lot go on and succeed. That for me is more important. We’re invested in their product and the better the company does, the better we do.

At the time of writing 50% of the investment sought had already been raised from 323 investors.

You can check out the FreeAgent investment on Seedr.







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