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How to Make Money with Google Adsense

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

💥 Published 28 January 2024

How to Make Money with Google Adsense

If you aren’t yet using Google Adsense then you are missing out on an opportunity to monetize your content with third party adverts. This is a guide on how to make money with Google Adsense. I will take you through the signup process to using Google Adsense to make money.

What is Google Adsense?

Let’s start right from the beginning. What is Google Adsense? Well, simply it is an easy way for bloggers and webmasters to display adverts on their blog and website. By displaying adverts, you will share in the revenue generated by clicks through the advert and impressions/views of the advert on your website.

How do I sign up to Google Adsense?

That’s pretty simple. Just visit There is a three-step process to signing up: (1) login into your Google account, (2) enter information about your primary website, and (3) enter your information. Once you have done those steps then your application will get sent off to Google to review it. You will need three things to sign up: (1) A google account, (2) a website, and (3) a postal address.

Getting accepted on to Google Adsense?

Not everyone gets accepted first time for Google Adsense. The real determinate is whether the primary website that you have signed up has enough good quality content on it. You’re best having a few months content up and keep your site clear of anything that could be considered spammy.

How does it work?

It works in three parts. (1) You make the advert space available on your website by pasting in a javascript code. This code is supplied by Google and is very easy to install. I will cover that later in this post. (2) The highest paying advert appears on your website. Advertisers bid to get their adverts shown in a real-time auction (similar to say Ebay) where the highest bidder wins. (3) You get paid. You share the revenue generated with Google. Win-win.

Next step on how to make money with Adsense?

Ok, you have signed up and you now have access to your Google Adsense account. Now this is the fun part where you can actually start the process of making money with Adsense.

Adding all your URLS

First things first, you will want to add all the URLs that you will be using on your Google Adsense account. You can do this by clicking the cog icon, then ‘Site management’ and then entering the URLs. Or, alternatively try this link.

Creating your first ad unit

Click on the ‘My ads’ tab then click ‘New ad unit’. Type in the name of the advert unit. I recommend URL and the name of the place you want the advert to show, for example ‘ sidebar’. It keeps it clean and consistent.

You can now select the advert size. I recommend going for the automatic sized ‘Responsive’ ad unit. After selecting the ad unit size, just click ‘Save and get code’.

A pop-up will appear with a javascript code in it. Copy that code.

Adding the ad unit to your site

If you are a beginner and using WordPress there are plugins that can help you add your ad unit to your website. Try the official plugin from Google Adsense:

If you are ok with HTML, CSS, JS and PHP, then just whack the javascript code where you want it to show.

After a few moments, you should get adverts appearing in the advert space.

Sit back and watch the money roll in

As long as you are producing content that is of good quality and shareable you will do best with Google Adsense. It is all about getting as many people onto your website as possible. The more visitors, the more views, the more clicks, the more revenue.

That’s how to make money with Google Adsense.

Top Tips for making money with Adsense

  1. Use the three (max) advert units available per page.
  2. Do not be tempted to place adverts in your content. Best to keep them away from the main content, either in the sidebar or after the content. Readability and user experience must always come first.
  3. Create a new advert unit for each advert you want to appear on the site. This gives you a better idea of the positions for adverts that work.
  4. Always use text/image adverts for best revenue generating potential.
  5. Always block your competitors adverts and any inappropriate adverts for your niche.

Warning – Do not click your own Adsense ads

Do not be tempted to click or ask others to click your adverts to inflate your click revenue. You will get banned and all revenue will be removed from your account. It may not happen straight away but in 3, 6, or even 9 months down the road your account will be flagged and will be banned.

Google Adsense resources

If you need further help with using Google Adsense then it is worth checking out the Adsense resources.


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