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ManageWP Development – Possible future improvement?

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

💥 Published 28 January 2024

ManageWP Development – Possible future improvement?

ManageWP Development. Over the last couple of years I have had a few encounters with ManageWP. I have left and come back 3 times, but now I am back for good and in the meantime things have developed rapidly over at ManageWP. The first noticeable change is in the design. The dashboard is fresh, clean and more organised – with a injection of colour. This is just one of the many changes the team at ManageWP have put in place, but, as a WordPress developer there is one thing I would like to see to help push it towards being it a truly all-in-one WordPress suite. This is a nod to the devs over at ManageWP and Vladimir Prelovac.


ManageWP Development – The Idea?

As any freelancer knows you need to be adaptable and do a bit of everything because that is what your clients need. Whether this is using the software suites of Google or Bing, to using various SEO tools, developing their skills, keeping up with all their paperwork and customers, or trying to keep up with the latest industry trends, while ultimately marketing to potential customers.

Obviously ManageWP cannot be all things to all people but the one major development I would include in ManageWP is a fully functioning CRM for freelancers and small businesses like myself here at Elect New Media.

As many WordPress devs know and have experienced, cost-effective CRM software is thin on the ground. Yes there are a few paid and free options and they all do an okay job at managing clients, invoicing, etc. The issue I have with them is that some are built in to the backend of the WordPress install or that they are completely independent suites linked via plugins. These options, in my opinion, are clumsy and have inherent security and data protection obstacles. When you are managing sites on scale it can be a fiddly process.

This is where ManageWP and the proclaimed ‘Ultimate WordPress Dashboard’ match up perfectly with CRM software.

ManageWP Development – The CRM

I would start by adding a freelancer package. Giving people like myself the option to upgrade to having a ManageWP dashboard with an fully inclusive CRM. Alternatively it could be included in to the existing packages. Obviously with a Freelancer package their is more scope to include more specific add-ons aimed specifically at the freelance market.

The Customer Relationship Management software would incorporate the existing functionality of ManageWP with much needed admin functions of all freelancers and small businesses.

The CRM would give the option to link the websites they manage on ManageWP with a specific area containing the clients details, send invoices from the dashboard, send reminders of annual retainers due dates, project management, send login information, include an activity log, etc. Not only would this be beneficial and secure (using the two factor login system via SMS – which I am a huge fan of!) for the freelancers but it would give the freelancer extra incentive to stay with ManageWP.

It is simple really. If I can manage my client information, invoicing and project management alongside managing the actual website in ManageWP then that is a perfect combination.

It is a win-win situation and would help ManageWP on its way to being a complete solution.


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