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November 2016 Online Income Report

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⭐ Updated 14 July 2023

💥 Published 15 December 2016

November 2016 Online Income Report

Hey, and welcome to November 2016’s online income report.

Since my last income report from last month, where I made £569 online after expenses, I learnt a few lessons and for November I decided to double down and work my butt off. I think it may be starting to bear fruit.


Online Income Report – November 2016

So, here is my online income report for November 2016. This is my second online income report, you can view my previous income reports here:

– October 2016 Online Income Report

Matched Betting – £769

For the second month running matched betting seems to be blowing all my other online revenue sources out of the water! I’m happy that I improved on last months

This is by far my biggest earner. I do matched betting using Profit Accumulator. It is a tax-free, risk-free way to earn extra cash. It’s not gambling, and Profit Accumulator does all the hard work, so all you need to do is point and click.

Affiliate Earnings – £142

Affiliate earnings is a new revenue source for me. All of the £142 came from promoting Profit Accumulator. You can also promote the matched betting software by signing up and joining the referral programme – to sign up to the referral program you need to be a paid subscriber on the Platinum Monthly (£22.99 per month) or Platinum Annual (£150.00 per year) plans.

Google AdSense Advertising – £84

This was my first full month of Google AdSense advertising and it has definitely not let me down. I am very happy with the £84 generated for November – a far cry from the £11 for half of last month.

Online Surveys – £1.20

I signed up to survey study site Prolific Academic and I completed just 3 surveys totalling around 10 minutes for which I earned £1.20. It’s not a massive amount, but if I complete all the survey studies that are shown I am sure I can get this revenue source up to £50 a month.

(Just as I went to check my earnings on their website, I noticed that I had another study waiting. Not alot, but another £0.75 in the bank.)

Income Subtotal – £996.20

I added two extra revenue sources this month so I am pretty chuffed with that result!

Expenses Subtotal – £46.99

There were 2 expenses for November. One was my WPEngine (my WordPress website hosting) which was £24 and the other was Profit Accumulator (my matched betting software) which was £22.99.

Total for November 2016 – £949.21

All things consider, the hard work really paid off and I learn’t so much from my October 2016 Income Report. Looking forward, I definitely think there is a lot more potential from affiliate earnings and online advertising. I also want to look more into building my social media following – something which I am a complete novice at. Lastly, I want to look into the possibly of develop website earnings from sponsored content and the like.

Overall, a good second income report!


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