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Profit Accumulator Review

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⭐ Updated 28 January 2024

💥 Published 28 January 2024

Profit Accumulator Review

Update: As of the beginning of 2017, I now use OddsMonkey as my matched betting service. You can check out my OddsMonkey review here.

Over the last 6 months I have been matched betting properly, and in the last 5 months, I made just over £5000 in profit. I’m probably feeling a little bit more than chuffed right now.

I’ve been using Profit Accumulator to take all of the effort out of matched betting from when I was a complete beginner. So, here is my personal review of Profit Accumulator and how it helped me with matched betting.

If you want to just jump in, they have a free trial, we all love a freebie.

The Intro

Ok, so if you’re a complete beginner like I was then Profit Accumulator may be a little unknown. Well, it’s one of the original matched betting services that pretty much helped to create the basis of matched betting as it is today.

It was set up in October 2014 and is a registered business in the UK.

The big selling point of Profit Accumulator is that you need ‘never worry about money again’ where the service helps you ‘earn cash with no-risk matched betting’. A big claim but, in my experience, it lives up to the hype.


How does Profit Accumulator work?

So, Profit Accumulator, in a nutshell makes matched betting easy. If you were to do matched betting manually without it, you’d have to manually find and check all the offers; then trawl through all the available betting opportunities; work out what the back and lay bet needs to be, then place the bet.

That is a proper pain to be fair.

Luckily, Profit Accumulator, pretty much makes it easy.

The first thing it does is give you a free trial. The trial gives you access to 2 offers where you can earn up to £45. The free trial comes with handy guides to explain matched betting. Best of all they have written but also video training guides.

For each offer, including the 2 offers in the free trial, there is a full walkthrough guide, so literally you need to do is follow the really simple instructions. There’s no thinking or working out required as with the manual method.


Is Profit Accumulator legal?

Yes. It’s a fully registered UK business.

Is Profit Accumulator a con?

No. Profit Accumulator doesn’t directly get involved in the bets you place. It’s just a service that makes matched betting easy.

Is Profit Accumulator a get rich scheme?

No. You won’t get rich from matched betting. It’ll help you make about up to £2000 per month. Realistically, as a beginner, you’ll probably make around £500 per month until you are completely confident in how to do matched betting. Then as your profits grow and you have more money to complete more offers, you’ll make more profit a month. As a rule of thumb, you’ll be looking at around £50 per hour of matched betting. Unlike normally earning £50 per hour, it is completely tax-free as all profits from gambling are exempt in the UK.

How much does Profit Accumulator cost?

So there is the free trial, which is free, other than that there are 2 other options. The first is Premium Monthly, which is £22.99 per month and gives you full access to all of the current offers. Enough to make some serious cash if you work your way through them all. The second is Premium Annual, which is £150.00 per year, it’s exactly the same as the Premium Monthly, but about £125 cheaper per year when you pay it as a one-off. Premium Annual is recommended if you want to get on with matched betting, as it will give you that bit extra profit each year – after all that’s why we are bothering to do matched betting for the profit.


Free Trial

The Free Trial has everything needed to turn a complete beginner into someone who can grasp the concept and place bets confidently that they will not make any human errors. Even if you are curious, I would recommend signing up to the trial, it is free after all.


Premium is where things get really exciting. It gives you full access to everything you will need place the bets and do so with confidence. There is also a really great forum which is constantly used by the thousands of other subscribers. Each of the offers has a easy to use written and video guide to show you how to place each offer. It also outlines the conditions of each offer and everything you need to know to make profit.

Profit Accumulator Pros

There are quite a few pros, here are 3:

  1. Video Guides: This really makes life easy. Seriously. Sometimes I hate reading, and just want someone to talk me through what to do.
  2. Price: At a max price of £22.99 per month, it gives you access to make some serious tax-free cash a month. For that, the price is very reasonable.
  3. Forum: This has been a lifesaver. Using the forum, mainly to double check things, hasn’t let me down yet. So this addition is definitely a pro for me.

Profit Accumulator Cons

In terms of cons, there really isn’t anything to be specific. If I had to be picky, then I would say:

  1. Live Chat: Ok, I like to have live chat with any online service I use. I hate having to pick up a phone or submit a support ticket to any company as I want instant help. To be fair though, between the forum, the dedicated support area, and there other support contact methods, I have found solutions to any issues that arise.

So, other than being uber-picky, I don’t really have anything in the cons list.

Profit Accumulator Review Summary

To be fair, I think Profit Accumulator is pretty awesome. It’s helped me make some serious extra cash who can complain about that. Profit Accumulator is definitely the go-to matched betting service for beginners and pros.

If you are a beginner, then I would suggest that you sign up to the Free Trial and give it a go. Following the instructions you’ll make up to £45 profit.

If you are pro, then I would recommend heading straight for Premium Annual. The extra savings is an easy way to boost your profits.


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  1. Hi Dougie

    Thank you for writing such a comprehensive review of Profit Accumulator. As someone who understands how match betting works, so not a beginner in that sense I understand the frustrations of trawling through offers and then finding suitable bet and lay odds.
    I therefore am happy to join to help ease that workload. My question to you is why did you move to Oddsmonkey after your glowing report. Odds Monkey seems exactly the same, even to the format of the website but is £30 cheaper if bought annually. I can understand if this is the reason so what does Profit Accumulator give you that Oddsmoney does not seeing you have been a member of both and is it worth paying that little extra for more offers etc.
    Many thanks

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