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UK Tsohost Virtual Dedicated Server. Tsohost has a tremendous offering when it comes to flexible and secure Virtual Servers, also known as VDS and VPS, but which have now become known as ‘Cloud Servers’. Tsohost’s UK servers are perfect for high traffic WordPress, Joomla and Drupal websites, and they have been the chosen provider for Magento based sites for years. This article is a review of the virtual dedicated servers on offer at Tsohost. Plus now get a further 10% off any of these VDS’s when you use Tsohost Discount Code VDS10.

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Tsohost Virtual Dedicated Server

There are five Virtual Servers set-ups to choose from at Tsohost. Starting from just £39.99 a month including VAT there is the flexibility for your server to grow seamlessly as your online presence expands. Here are your five options –

  • Regular VDS £39.99 per month or £439.89 per year
  • Large VDS £69.99 per month or £769.89 per year
  • Super Size VDS £99.99 per month or £1,099.89 per year
  • Super Size Plus VDS £159.99 per month or £1759.89 per year
  • Powerhouse VDS £209.99 per month or £2309.89 per year

Why choose a UK-based Tsohost Virtual Dedicated Server?

There are many reasons to go from shared cloud hosting to a more secure dedicated server – but I will just explain the three main reasons.

Reason One – Performance Enhancing. Some CMS’s such as Magento thrive on VDS’s because the PHP can run as a DSO (Dynamic Shared Object). What this means without the jargon is that Magento, and some other CMS’s, need to run the same piece of code multiple times and these servers help that by having this DSO technique.

Reason Two – Security. If you have an online store, say with Magento, the security benefits of having your hosting isolated on a VDS means that you have another barrier between yourself and potential hackers and infiltrators.

Reason Three – Tsohost is based in the UK. UK-based Tsohost Virtual Dedicated Server are the ideal option for responsive websites, speedy load times, and SEO enhanced. This is usually an overlooked factor when it comes to selecting web hosting, but VDS’s offer unparalleled offerings when it comes to user experience and search engine optimised.

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