Visual Composer: Remove Meta Generator “Powered by Visual Composer Website Builder”

I’m a big fan of Visual Composer and for many WordPress site owners it’s a great way to DIY a beautiful website without having to get your hands dirty with code.

I use Visual Composer on some client WordPress design projects that would benefit from the page builder.

Visual Composer Meta Generator

One little annoyance I have with the plugin is that Visual Composer’s page builder adds a line of code to the source code. This Meta Generator code is not needed, especially when you have paid for the plugin, and is a little bit of cheeky advertising by Visual Composer. The Meta Generator code is not visible on the website but only appears in the website’s source code.

<meta name=”generatorcontent=”Powered by Visual Composer Website Builder – fast and easy-to-use drag and drop visual editor for WordPress.“/>

So how do I remove Visual Composer’s Meta Generator?

Remove Visual Composer Meta Generator without a plugin

After a quick google I found that all the existing solutions did not work so I created my own. It’s simple and requires a little bit of code added to your theme’s functions.php file.

Here’s a little step by step guide to removing Visual Composer’s Meta Generator code: “Powered by Visual Composer Website Builder – fast and easy-to-use drag and drop visual editor for WordPress”.

  1. Back up your WordPress website files and database
  2. Access your WordPress files by SFTP
  3. Go to your theme folder
  4. Go to your functions.php file
  5. Enter the filter: add_filter( ‘vcv:api:output:meta’, ‘__return_null’ );
  6. Save your updated functions.php file

add_filter( ‘vcv:api:output:meta’, ‘__return_null’ );

That’s it.

This solution should fix the issue and remove Visual Composer’s Meta Generator tag. I wonder if they will amend this code in the future either to remove it completely, or to bypass this solution. I hope it’s the former and not the latter. After all, as a paying customer, that’s the right thing to do. Maybe they should add an opt-in to help support Visual Composer which would be the right thing to do.