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⭐ Updated 14 July 2023

💥 Published 21 January 2013

Moo Business Cards

Moo Business Cards and Moo Promotional Code. This article is a rundown of why your startup and small business needs business cards, and why specifically it needs Moo Business Cards. Grab your Moo Business Cards today with this offer.


Why do I need Business Cards?

Simply put, its about making connections and leads. Business cards are a necessity in today’s competitive market, even more so for startups and small businesses. They are a way of instantly promoting your business to new prospective clients, those that you might meet by chance whilst out, or those who have made a tentative enquiry about your services or products. Of course, they are also a constant reminder to your current customers of your contact details. A small card that can do so much, and at such little cost! A top tip for all startups is to get business cards as soon as possible so whenever you are engaged in conversation about your business or at a networking event you can exchange cards – a great way to get new contacts, generate new personal leads and spread the word about your new venture.

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What cards do I need, surely I can cut costs here?

First impressions really do count. If you hand over a sub-standard card to a client or newly met acquaintance this does not say much about your business at all – rather the opposite! It gives a bad impression. You want that first impression to express completely that your company is highly professional, completely reliable and that you are offering a quality service or product. Therefore it is of the utmost importance to find the right company to print your business cards, one that uses quality paper and print but at a competitive price. We recommend 450gsm paper for that extra quality finish. If you are an eco-friendly business (like us) then we would suggest going for the recycled paper option with the recycle logo for that added USP.

Moo Cards


Where do I get quality business cards? Try

We recommend Ordering online is by far the most convenient, fastest and most cost effective way of obtaining business cards these days. With rush printing and uber-fast delivery you can have your cards from order to delivery in two working days. For quality of printing, the huge choice in designs, the fast dispatch and delivery there is no substitute for

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Why choose Moo Business Cards?

Moo Business Cards are the best. Many companies offer this service and it can be very difficult to choose, however you need to choose carefully. The company that we highly recommended is: We use Moo for all our client business card, branding and stationery projects.

They specialise in business cards. They are extremely competitive in price (without compromising on quality) and their customer reviews are all exceptionally positive.

They have the expertise and the skill to help you personalise your cards, and to achieve the exact design and look that is right for your particular business. The cards are printed on high quality paper, every little detail is taken into account. The print, the style, to the resulting end finished luxurious product that is despatched out to you. Cards from are also completely printed in colour, those with black and white on the reverse just pale in comparison.

All in all a high quality, expert and dependable service. What is more they offer all this at an extremely attractive price. Unlike some companies however their low prices do not reflect on the quality of their products at all. At they say ‘We know our customers would expect nothing less than perfection, and we would not offer any less. This is why our current customers return to us time and time again’.


What business cards should I order from Moo?

The largest quantity and the best quality you can afford. It really depends on your business and the type of clients you are trying to attract. offer literally thousands of designs. They even offer the option to design your own unique personal business cards. You can have a variety of different designs or pictures on your cards, even a different one for each card if you wish! This of course can be fabulous for helping to initiate conversations with passing acquaintances! It can also help if you want to promote your artwork, range of products or skills to those all important new prospective customers. The individuality of personally designed cards will also help your customers to remember exactly who you are!

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I’m not a designer though!

Don’t worry. This is where Moo Business Cards come in to their element. There is a great, easy to use design suite on It has everything you need and is simple enough for anyone to create business cards that make a real impact.

Moo Business Card


I’m worried about designing Moo Business Cards

Help is at hand! We have had a few worried businesses contact us about designing there own Moo Business Cards off the back of this article. So we just wanted to add this extra section to explore the hundred of available business card design templates also available at for free! There are designs for every conceivable business genre, for every conceivable taste, and the image you want to display of your business (well, not every conceivable design but they have more than enough for you to have to choose from at least a handful).

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Sadly, have pulled their Moo Promotional Code for Moo Business Cards. Which is a great shame. However we do have 10% off referral link for Moo Business Cards but sadly no Moo Promotional Code that we used to offer to our readers. Click here for our Moo Referral Code Link.
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  1. Just received my Luxe Moo cards today! They are amazing. Thanks for the £10 off £50 offer.

    Fingers crossed these help me at networking event as I’m a self-employed newbie.


    • Hello MaggieMay. Luxe cards from are gorgeous. Great choice. Thanks for commenting and good luck at your networking event.

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